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Do-Gooders: Volunteers making a difference

Written by Katie Fourney    on June 18, 2020    in
One of our favorite things is to hear from community volunteers about their experiences. Often, these Do-Gooders are using SHARE Omaha as a tool to find their fit and connect to a new way to give back. Most feel that spark of fulfillment, from simply doing a little good, and can’t help but share.

Here are a few snippets we’ve heard lately:

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time yesterday volunteering at Roberta and Bob Rodgers Gallery. I organized a drawer full of typeface while listening to Audible.” -Tricia


SHARE @ Home

Written by Katie Fourney    on May 27, 2020    in
Our Omaha/Council Bluffs metro is a community of collaboration and generosity, and this piece of our DNA is showing itself in endless, heartwarming inquires of, "How can we help?" 

As we social distance to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are grateful for technology that empowers, unites, and brings us closer to the common goal of a metro where every nonprofit and vulnerable neighbor's needs are met.

If you're able to give: your money, time or skills...

You can continue to do good and #SHAREatHome.  


    Across the Road: A Crossroads of Western Iowa Initiative to Virtually Connect Clients and Community Members

    Written by Katie Fourney    on May 27, 2020    in
    This blog is written and shared by Crossroads of Western Iowa. 

    **Update: We participated! Scroll to the end to read our review. 

    Picture this: two roommates, unable to go on their regularly scheduled community outings due to the current COVID-19 crisis, meet kittens born the previous evening at the Midlands Humane Society via a Microsoft Teams connection.  The two animal-loving friends ask the Humane Society’s Executive Director questions about the animals’ routines, laugh together when the kittens roll around the screen, and share what life in quarantine is like for them.  

    This volunteer serves his purpose with Heartland Hope Mission

    Written by Katie Fourney    on May 20, 2020    in
    This story is written by Leo Adam Biga.

    In order for Heartland Hope Mission to address clients’ food insecurity needs, it relies on community support. Some support comes in the form of food and monetary donations. Other support comes from boots on the ground. Count volunteer Jeff Spilinek as a foot soldier who, rain or shine, cold or warm, shows up at Heartland Hope Mission’s South Omaha location to distribute pantries.

    “I usually help load food from grocery carts into cars for clients,” Jeff says. “The staff take care of the vetting process, so all I have to do is love on each person receiving a pantry. That’s probably the best part for me. Being able to show love to our neighbors is its own reward. It’s something I look forward to doing."

    “Being a regular part of the pantry has helped me become more committed to the mission.”

    You did GOOD for DIBS for Kids!

    Written by Katie Fourney    on May 14, 2020    in
    Many hands make quick work! During KETV’s Giving Wednesday, SHARE Omaha put out a notice that DIBS for Kids needed help labeling and stuffing thousands of reading folders for the next school year. Within just hours, dozens of volunteers said ‘count me in’ and the need was filled.

    DIBS (Deliver Infinite Book Shelves) for Kids is a children’s literacy program that offers innovative lending technology to little classroom libraries, serving 13 elementary schools and over 3,000 children. Each year, thousands of reading folders with parent letters and book logs are needed, requiring DIBS for Kids staff to spend precious hours assembling folders.

    Stay home and have fun in Omaha/CB: Part 2

    Written by Katie Fourney    on May 4, 2020    in
    Our series of fun, virtual programs to enjoy at home, from your favorite Omaha/Council Bluffs metro nonprofits, continues!

    How are you having fun at home? Let us know on social media, @SHAREomaha.



    Film Streams is collaborating with terrific film distributors to bring a bit of the Film Streams experience to your home. Pop some popcorn and settle in for a great night in.

    Go to Film Streams Home Movies
    Donate to support Film Streams

    A couple of connectors: Abby Jares and Turner Morgan

    Written by Katie Fourney    on April 30, 2020    in
    The Lifting Up Do-Gooders column, written by SHARE Omaha executive director Marjorie Maas, runs bi-monthly in metroMAGAZINE. See the original publication of this article here on page 30.
    Photo credit: Steve Lustgarten

    Who is a Do-Gooder? 

    Either you are one, or you know a few. SHARE Omaha defines do-gooders as those who see a need and do good for others or the community; those who raise their hands to help when a crisis or challenge arises around them; those who regularly prioritize this good work, even in the light of personal sacrifice.

    Stay home and have fun in Omaha/CB: Part 1

    Written by Katie Fourney    on April 23, 2020    in

    By now, your family is probably missing local nonprofit attractions like The Rose Theater and Joslyn Art Museum who bring so much joy to the Omaha metro. We will be the first in line for tickets when doors re-open! In the meantime, you can still connect with organizations like Do Space and EMPAC Dance by taking part in these fun, online programs. Let us know which programs your family enjoys!

    Be the best ally! How to support and stand up for the communities you love: A YP Summit recap

    Written by Katie Fourney    on April 21, 2020    in
    NOTE: This blog was written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic reaching the Midwest. While we at SHARE Omaha worked to respond to coronavirus needs, this recap of an important Young Professional Summit session was put on hold. Although March 13th YP Summit feels as if it occurred in another lifetime, the message shared during the ‘Be the best ally!’ session is relevant now. When we begin to leave our homes again, we have an opportunity to declare anew who we want to be as community members. We can be allies in action.

    Are you an ally? Are you the best possible ally? Have no clue what an “ally” is? (That’s okay! Let’s listen together.)

    At the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Young Professional Summit, Erik Servellon of the Tri-Faith Initiative moderated a powerful panel that explained terminology, debunked myths and provided the framework needed to be the best ally to diverse communities.