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Omaha metro's volunteer shortage and how you can help

Dear friends,

Over half of our area's volunteer needs go unserved each week.

As we enter National Volunteer Month, and soon SHARE Omaha's Do Good Days from April 24-27, it is clear we need to expand the volunteer base desperately needed by nonprofits across the midlands. 

Do Good Days is our community’s opportunity to help ensure vital organizations have the support they need to complete their mission work. We have a big goal of 2,000 volunteer sign-ups to jumpstart a new wave of contagious volunteerism that can continue through the year. 

The local volunteer shortage not only means work left undone, but a missed opportunity for potential financial support. I'm inspired to know that 85% of volunteers also donate to the nonprofits they serve.

Here's the good news. Our local nonprofits are rolling out the red carpet during Do Good Days so that you can experience all the benefits of volunteerism and see the power of local causes first hand. There are so many exciting opportunities, I want to be in two places at once!
If you are unable to volunteer during Do Good Days, I encourage you to “give good” and double the power of each volunteer hour served. Join me in doing a little dance of joy for every gift that you send, starting today, to incredible local nonprofits. Donations of every size really do matter.

As a user of, I know you care. Thank you for each and every way you are already serving and supporting our community.

Will you raise your hand to help erase our region's volunteer shortage? Sign up for an opportunity, give a gift and share this message to help shape the community you want to live in. 


Teresa Mardesen

Teresa Mardesen

SHARE Omaha executive director

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Facts from our recent volunteerism survey:

94 local organizations responded, revealing that 51% of their volunteer needs are going unfilled 

National data shows that each volunteer hour completed is the equivalent of $31.80 of value to the nonprofit served

The current Omaha metro volunteer shortage is creating a gap of $1.1 million in value across these 94 nonprofits each week, and more

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