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#GivingEveryTuesday: Scholarships

Each Tuesday, SHARE Omaha features a unique cause theme for #GivingEveryTuesday and encourages us all to give and support in any way we can! This week's #GivingEveryTuesday theme is nonprofits offering Scholarships. Hear about these empowering nonprofits below and help fund their scholarships!


Greater Omaha Chapter of AFCEA

Gregory A. Campbell of Greater Omaha Chapter of AFCEA shares, "It is a nice boost to our organization fundraising efforts when we receive donations ear-marked for scholarships. Those funds augment our scholarship fund and help us provide more awards."

Greater Omaha Chapter of AFCEA provides a common forum for government, industry, and academia to exchange information, explore technical advancements, and expand their IT perspectives. They are dedicated to developing tomorrow’s professionals through scholarships, awards, and fostering STEM in schools. 

In addition to improving STEM teaching within schools, their activities normally require the support of volunteers, which is a worthwhile way for community members to offer their time and get involved.  For instance, any person with some time on their hands that wants to volunteer can help orchestrate their annual Steps for STEM 5K run/walk event held at Papillion’s Walnut Creek Lake.

"In addition to donations and volunteering one’s time, we love for the community to engage and participate in our events.  We have monthly luncheons that can inspire someone to learn more about STEM that they in turn can pass along an interesting STEM fact to a co-worker, friend, or loved one. Interest in STEM requires a much needed adrenalin shot, so why not be one of the catalyst to help inspire STEM learning," says Gregory.

Donate to Greater Omaha Chamber of AFCEA


Papillion La Vista Community Schools Foundation

Lee Denker of Papillion La Vista Community Schools Foundation shares, "Reducing barriers to higher education can be life changing for students and families. Let's face it, attending college is becoming increasingly more expensive. For some students it is simply out of reach already. There is a wall that blocks their path to a productive future career. Scholarships open doors, however, helping students to continue on their paths. Scholarships offer hope, opportunity and real assistance." 

PLC Foudnation

The PLCS Foundation helps Papillion and La Vista graduates access scholarship assistance that is not limited to one college or university. Thanks to generous donors, students can apply for more than 60 different scholarships through the PLCS Foundation each year. 

"As tuition and fees increase, students in Papillion and La Vista need more assistance than in previous years. Donors can help college-ready students overcome cost barriers to career readiness."  says Lee.

Donate to PLCS Foundation


Millard Public Schools Foundation

Kelley Deases of Millard Public Schools Foundation shares, "With the rising cost of education, a scholarship can make all the difference. Investing in students is an investment in cultivating tomorrow’s leaders."

By empowering teachers, aiding struggling students, and providing opportunities for students to get ahead, Millard Public Schools Foundation helps students overcome educational hurdles and be prepared for the future.

"Besides starting a scholarship fund of your own through Millard Public Schools Foundation, we need help from the community to get the word out that MPSF offers this program as a resource to Millard high school seniors. With scholarships available to academic achievers, student athletes, those pursuing certain college majors, those entering the workforce or a trade school, and a whole host of other criteria, there is funding available to a wide range and number of graduating seniors. We would like to see the number of applicants continue to rise as more students become aware of this opportunity," says Kelley.  

Donate to Millard Public Schools Foundation


Bennington Public Schools Foundation

Bennington Public Schools Foundation

Blake Thompson, executive director of Bennington Public Schools Foundation shares, "Scholarships are a vital resource for students wanting to continue their education or advance their career.  They are a gateway that allows students to succeed and reduce debt. Foundations that provide scholarships are asked to give in many different ways, so supporting scholarships through Foundations frees up funding to spread the wealth in various forms of programming."

Bennington Public Schools Foundation strives to inspire learning and maximize opportunities for all students.  By doing this, they are working to create well rounded citizens for the future. Their hope is to bridge financial and resource gaps in order to support all students so they can impact the world in a positive manner. 

"Connections.  We need to continue to connect to our alumni, Bennington community, additional funders, surrounding areas, fellow nonprofits, foundations, and beyond.  We want to share our mission and story with others to celebrate all that our school and community have to offer," says Blake. 

Donate to Bennington Public Schools Foundation


Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation

Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation

Katherine Buth of Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation shares, "In May 2023, the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation awarded scholarships to Elkhorn Public Schools' graduates worth over $550,000! The Foundation encourages students to continue their education after high school and has made a significant investment to build a robust scholarship program to administer both Community Funded Scholarships and the Foundation’s ACHIEVE Scholarship Program. Investments in technology, staffing, and a matching funds program enable the Foundation to grow our Scholarship Program and make it easy for donors to partner with us to provide additional opportunities for Elkhorn students.

The Foundation’s ACHIEVE Scholarship Program is unique, as it recognizes and rewards students who engage in either rigorous advanced placement (AP) coursework or complete designated courses in a Career & Technical Education Program of Focus while maintaining balance in other areas of interest within our schools and community.  Graduating seniors who meet designated criteria and submit an online application will receive an ACHIEVE Scholarship from the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation.

"It is important to donate to the Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation’s scholarship program because we help build a long-lasting connection between donors and students. Through our program, donors have an avenue to give back. Some families may start a scholarship to honor a deceased family member. Other individuals or businesses want to promote certain fields including healthcare, education, the trades, and so on. Additionally, our scholarship program helps students continue their education in a world where education only gets more expensive. Scholarship programs are highly beneficial for donors, students, and the community because it fosters a connected community spirit," says Katherine. 

Donate to Elkhorn Public Schools Foundation


College Possible

Melissa Valek, senior development director of College Possible shares, "By making a gift to nonprofits that support scholarships, you are ensuring motivated and talented students have access to the funds they need to complete the educational requirements for their chosen career field. While College Possible does not award scholarships to students, our high school and college coaches help students research and secure scholarship support that ensure they complete their college education with little to no debt."

At College Possible, we believe that a college education is transformational. A degree sets students on a path of economic mobility and helps students from limited-income backgrounds become their own change agents. The impact of a college degree goes beyond the individual to form a more informed and empowered society. By removing barriers to college access and success, College Possible is helping to build a more diverse workforce, which is a critical factor in inspiring greater innovation, more equitable economic mobility, and a stronger Omaha community.

"College Possible serves over 1,700 students at nine partner high schools in six school districts across the metro as well as on college campuses within Nebraska and across the nation. One hundred percent of our students come from underinvested communities and ninety-three percent are the first in their family to attend college. We begin serving students their junior year of high school and stay with them through college education. All of our services are free to our students and their families," says Melissa. 

Donate to College Possible


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