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Businesses giving back for Giving Tuesday - NOV 30, 2021

Our metro area has a great opportunity to show generosity and gratefulness this month and many area businesses are leading by example. The spirit of Giving Tuesday, a global movement, is to show the strength and unity of communities through radical generosity, and that's just what our treasured local businesses are doing.

Businesses Lending A Helping Hand

Many area businesses are supporting #GivingTuesday402 in the Omaha metro and GivingTuesday712 in Southwest Iowa to harness the power of good in our community. From hosting employee giving campaigns to providing virtual volunteer opportunities for staff, employers are getting creative in finding ways to assist those in need. Such efforts include:
  • TS Bank employees have adopted five charities throughout their organizational footprint that they will support with supply drives. TS Bank is also offering companywide virtual volunteering social hour.

The Power of All: Why we SHARE

As the saying goes, sharing is caring.
On Giving Tuesday, sharing is something everyone can do to participate – even if you’re not active on social media.
While posting and following and liking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about all the good happening on Dec. 1 is highly encouraged, sharing also means giving gifts, giving our time and giving pieces of ourselves. It’s all important on Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday: Harnessing the Power of All

The Power of All: Why we DO

We do what we do because of our “why.”
In other words, what motivates us is often more than the action itself – it’s the meaning behind it that is the real driver.
Having a clear “why” gives you a context for your life and can help you focus how you spend your time. And, your passions in life can help inform how you want to give your time to others. Volunteering can add another layer of purpose to your life, and can help connect you to micro-communities of like-minded people.
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