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About Us

Our mission is to help nonprofits fulfill theirs.

Together, we can change the giving culture of the metro area.

Marjorie Maas
executive director marjorie@SHAREomaha.org
Candice Iberg
community partnerships manager candice@SHAREomaha.org
Katie Fourney
marketing and communications manager katie@SHAREomaha.org


SHARE Omaha offers the giving public opportunities to connect with metro nonprofits through donations, volunteering and shopping wish lists. We make it easy to find local nonprofits and engage with them how you choose. Our open and inclusive platform amplifies the needs of the entire nonprofit community giving all organizations a chance to be seen and heard regardless of size, cause or budget. We believe this technology will engage a new audience and foster the donors who will sustain and advance the metro’s philanthropic future. For more information about SHARE Omaha, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Board of Directors

  • Michelle Zych, ChairSherwood Foundation
  • Donna KushOmaha Community Foundation
  • Kim YungtumRobert B. Daugherty Foundation
  • Esther MejiaE Creative

Nonprofit Advisory Committee

Jennifer Boomgaarden
Ramon Calzada
Tina Cherica
Scott Hazelrigg
Christi Janssen
Gene Klein
Susie Nelson
Nancy Williams