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12 Volunteers Making Us Better

We believe in the power of community and the impact of volunteerism. Our community’s volunteers are the heart and soul of the nonprofits in our region. Their dedication and passion is something you need to see to believe! Today we shine a spotlight on some of the amazing volunteers who help make the metro better every day. These are just a few of the incredible volunteers we’ve heard about lately who are making a difference: 


Jane is a PE teacher and assists at almost all Outlook Enrichment recreational events. She is always going above and beyond to do what she can for Outlook Enrichment.

Tam & Pat. 

They have been phenomenal volunteers serving as Partnership for Kids book and goal buddies. Their participation as Partnership for Kids volunteers has been crucial to the impact the programming has on students’ lives! 


Jean faithfully shows up time after time to do laundry at Humble & Kind. Without her help Humble & Kind wouldn't be able to keep clothing clean and ready to give out to clients.


Scott is a field rescuer who has volunteered with Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc for over 10 years. He is always on call to rescue animals as it is not safe for untrained or unskilled people to otherwise capture. He is innovative and compassionate (and fast and daring), and all of that comes together to make a volunteer who is an incredible asset to the team! 


Abby found Made New Makerspace as part of her business' community engagement. After her first time helping them clean computers for the laptop program, she came back and started teaching handyman classes along with her husband, Travis.

Suzi & Danielle. 

Nebraska Diaper Bank

They are a mother/daughter team that has been faithfully volunteering with Nebraska Diaper Bank. At present, they run two diaper wraps a month, one of which is a monthly returning group of their own friends and family. Nebraska Diaper Bank has come to rely on Danielle, Suzi and their group for their efficiency in wrapping (they always wrap more than any other diaper wrap) and their ability to complete special projects independently. Additionally, they help with projects such as community outreach. They are deeply committed to Nebraska Diaper Bank and selflessly offer their time, which allows them to accomplish so many other things.


Great Plains PVA

Dan is a long-time volunteer for Paralyzed Veterans of America Great Plains Chapter. He started their annual golf tournament 22 years ago. He has dedicated countless hours gathering community support to ensure its success and creating awareness of sports and recreation programs for children and adults living with a disability.  His efforts don't stop there. Year-round, Dan spreads the word about the opportunities that are available for people with disabilities, knowing that being active regardless of one's ability, has the power to improve their quality of life. This year, the 22nd year, Paralyzed Veterans of America Great Plains Chapter will break $1 million raised in support of the Adapted Sports & Recreation Program! 


Kyle first got involved with Inclusive Communities in 2016 as a high school student through the IncluCity program. He then came back to IncluCity as a counselor and has volunteered with the program and Inclusive Communities ever since.


Preview image for the video "Meet Daniela a Learning For ALL Student Success Story".

Daniela, one of Learning for ALL's first students in 2018, was a lawyer in Colombia before moving to the U.S. She enrolled with LFA to learn the English language, the United States culture, and strategies to successfully assimilate into her new country. Starting at the beginner's level, she quickly moved to advanced classes. After graduating from LFA, she was hired as the Human Resources Manager for a large local food service distributor. In 2023, she hired LFA to come onsite once a week and teach ESL to her employees needing instruction in reading, writing, and speaking the English language. This was Daniela's way of giving back to her community, providing an essential benefit to employees at her company, and giving those employees the same benefits and opportunities she was afforded through instruction at Learning For ALL.


Tanya is one of the most involved volunteers at The Collective for Hope. She dedicates her time to facilitating the Pregnancy and Infant Loss group, along with building weighted bears for women and families who have lost a child during pregnancy or infancy. She a huge backbone of the organization and a lot of the work that The Collective for Hope does could not have been done without her. She is strong, determined, loving, and cares so deeply about the grieving community here in Omaha.

As we celebrate these amazing volunteers, we also extend our deepest gratitude to everyone to contributes their time, energy, skills and passion to making a difference. Whether you are volunteering at a local shelter, mentoring our youth, or simply lending a helping hand to a neighbor in need, your efforts do not go unnoticed. Thank you to all our of our regions volunteers! 

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