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One time only! Volunteer opportunities for February and March 2024

Glance through these ONE TIME ONLY! volunteer opportunities for February and March 2024, and see if any are right for you. If you can fill a volunteer shift, thank you! These events cannot happen without the support of dedicated volunteers like you. 


Wednesday, Feb 14 from 4-6pm

Come on over to the Hope Center for Kids, as they celebrate Valentine's Day with an amazing skate party with dinner, music, and games! Help with prep, dinner assistance, play time, and clean up.

Urgent volunteer needs in Omaha: Can you help?

As recent news coverage from 3 News Now has illuminated, a few of our pillar human services organizations are being challenged by the need for volunteers. COVID-19 has strained or halted their typical streams of ongoing and one-time volunteers, leaving a daily need for help in order to continue delivering their services to our neighbors who need them most.

Volunteer and Donor Spotlight: Grant Mussman

This blog guest-written by SHARE Omaha friend Grant Mussman.

Why do I LOVE nonprofits?  Oh my goodness, so many reasons.

First, it always connects me to my mom. From a very young age, she embedded in me a sense of connecting with others who were different than myself, and giving back when possible. If my memory serves me, and I was pretty darned young, we'd pile into her blue or brown Ford Pinto and head to grab our once-a-week asignment of meals on wheels and we would make our rounds. I'm sure I was cuter as a youngst

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