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Radical generosity without spending a dime: Volunteering

Let's talk about how you can generous without spending a time: Volunteering!

We know volunteering brings you benefits. Volunteering:

  • Connects you to others
  • Can advance your career
  • Is good for your mind and body
    • 75%+ who volunteered said they felt healthier
  • Brings fun and fulfillment to your life
    • 78% of volunteers said their stress levels declined due to volunteering

UnitedHealth Group Study: Doing Good is Good For You

You might even experience "The Helper's High", WebMD's term for the feeling people have after volunteering: a feeling of 'prolonged calmness, a reduction in stress and a greater sense of self-worth after doing something kind for someone else.'

Not only does volunteering have personal benefits to you, but you're providing tremendous value to nonprofits! The current value of a volunteer hour is $31.80, calculated annually by the Do Good Institute. 

So, how do you find your way to volunteer that will bring you the most benefit? 

Start by taking our volunteer quiz. What type of volunteer are you?

Ask yourself:

  • What type of work you would enjoy?
  • Do you enjoy working with adults, children, animals, or remotely from home?
  • Do you enjoy working alone or as part of a team?
  • Do you prefer being behind the scenes or in a more visible role?
  • How much time are you willing to commit?
  • What skills can you bring to the volunteer job?
  • What causes are important to you?

Consider your goal for volunteerism. Do you want to:

  • Improve your neighborhood?
  • Meet new people with different outlooks or experiences?
  • Try something new?
  • Do something rewarding with your spare time?
  • See new places or experience a different way of living?
  • Try a new type of work that you might want to pursue as a full-time job?
  • Expand on your interests and hobbies?

With these thoughts in mind, complete our Volunteerism Reflection to capture your intentions:

Volunteerism reflection

Before we take the next steps, let's keep in mind what makes a good volunteer. The best volunteers:

  • Understand and support the mission
    • Be aware of the organization's goals.
  • Are enthusiastic
    • Be passionate and excited about the work.
  • Are dependable
    • Be reliable and follow through.

Now that you've taken stock of your intentions, know what it takes to be a good volunteer, let's go on the hunt for the best volunteer opportunities for you! Take some time to sort and filter volunteer options here at 

What did you find? Something that sparks excitement? Submit your interest now using SHARE Omaha!

As you're test driving new volunteer opportunities:

  • Ask question to ensure the experience is right for your skills and goals
    • As about the time you'll need to commit, training and who you will work with.
  • Make a change if the role is not a good fit
    • Ask about other roles or consider new organizations!
  • Enjoy yourself and benefit both yourself and the organization
    • Reflect on your experiences and consider ways to expand your support. 

We'd love if you'd report back share your experiences with us at Go out and do good!


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