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The Power of 100: A Simple Concept with a Huge Impact

February 25, 2021    in
This blog is written by guest writer, Katie Bruno.

As a young professional woman, I am involved in a number of groups and organizations in my community from serving on boards and committees of non-profits to organizing community service projects for my young professional group to teaching financial literacy classes. Being involved in the community is important to me both personally and professionally. I find that giving back helps to teach us understanding and compassion for others and for me, it’s extremely rewarding.

One of my personal favorites that I believe has one of the greatest impacts on the community is 100 Women Who Care. We are a giving circle. Our growing group is local Omaha women who pool our resources to make a collective donation to a charity that we choose as a group.

SHARE Omaha turns two years old!

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 21, 2021    in
This month, SHARE Omaha turns two years old! We want you to know, it has been a joy to dedicate these 730+ days to connecting metro supporters throughout eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa to local causes. 

You may know, Omaha was the second metropolitan area in the country to launch a nonprofit organization utilizing Share Good’s innovative software, the first metropolitan being Charlotte, North Carolina. Over the past two years, SHARE Omaha has grown quickly to offer greater visibility for nonprofits of all sizes on an equal playing field.

Giving Tuesday Heroes: Local reporters and media

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 14, 2020    in
On December 1st, the metro showed up in a big way, almost doubling giving from 2019’s Giving Tuesday. (Read the full results, here.) How did this happen, you ask? A key ingredient to this powerful day was overwhelming support from local media: every tv station, radio station, newspaper and more.

These partners deserve the thanks of our whole community:
  • Houck contributed queen-sized bus ads
  • Lamar and Link contributed outdoor billboard space
  • KETV NewsWatch 7, WOWT 6 News and KMTV 3 News Now contributed PSA commercials and covered the news story
  • Cox Media contributed PSA commercials

2020 Giving Tuesday Results

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 10, 2020    in
You brought the power of ALL!

On December 1st, the metro showed up in a big way, almost doubling giving from 2019’s Giving Tuesday. Thank you for giving your all in support of vital, local causes.
If you still have gifts to give, it’s not too late! Give now.

Thank you Core Bank and TS Bank for leading the way with #GivingTuesday402 and #GivingTuesday712. You made this powerful day possible.

8 Gifts that support local nonprofits

Written by Katie Fourney    on December 10, 2020    in
With the focus on shopping local this year, we challenge you to shop local AND support nonprofits. These holiday gifts give back to local causes you love.

Supporting Golden Hills RC&D

This WanderLoess bison shirt supports conservation in Western Iowa. A portion of the proceeds from t-shirts purchased in the month of December 2020 will be donated to Golden Hills. Shop now.

Supporting Gotta Be Me


Gloves that give: Ways to help others this #GivingTuesday712

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 24, 2020    in
Many local area businesses will be supporting #GivingTuesday712 to harness the power of good in Southwest Iowa. Businesses are getting creative in finding ways to assist others! Hear from Becca Wiggins with Dusted Charm on their plans for #GivingTuesday712 on December 1st.

What caused you to get involved in #GivingTuesday712? 

Giving back through time, talent or treasure has been part of the Dusted Charm “why” and mission since opening 2.5 years ago. The passion we have for giving back locally stems from the wonderful people in Southwest Iowa who rallied around my family in a time of significant need when we were faced with a devastating terminal diagnosis with our first-born child. My goal from that point forward was to someday create a local platform that would allow me to pay the selfless gift of giving forward. 

Pottawattamie County Community Foundation matches 20% for #GivingTuesday712

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 22, 2020    in
For #GivingTuesday712 on December 1, SHARE Omaha is thrilled to partner with Pottawattamie County Community Foundation (PCCF) to engage all Southwest Iowa nonprofits and community supporters.

To increase the power of the day, PCCF is generously adding a 20% match when donors use the code PCCF2020 at, when the nonprofit adds to their PCCF endowment fund. This gift could add an additional $250,000 of support for Southwest Iowa organizations! 

The Council Bluffs metro helps one another, cares about each other. SHARE Omaha and PCCF believe that kind of optimism needs a celebration – a day with its own focus. Donna Dostal, president and CEO of Pottawattamie County Community Foundation, says she wants to inspire a giving spirit. “Generosity has many forms. Our community can grow its existing reputation for giving back on Giving Tuesday. We want to ignite that good.” 

TS Bank presents #GivingTuesday712 on December 1

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 21, 2020    in

As presenting sponsor of #GivingTuesday712, TS Bank invites your business, family and you personally to join in giving your all to our community. “TS Bank hopes to ignite lasting client and community prosperity. We believe in helping people do more. Whether it is through accomplishing personal and professional goals, teaching financial literacy or by living generously – we hope to Ignite Prosperity. TS Bank donates 10% of its pre-tax profits back into our community AND offers 50 hours of volunteer time for employees to use each year.  Joining forces with SHARE Omaha and #GivingTuesday712 was a perfect mission-match!”

Core Bank presents #GivingTuesday402 on December 1

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 21, 2020    in

As presenting sponsor of #GivingTuesday402, Core Bank invites your business, family and you personally to join in giving your all to our community. John Sorrell, president and CEO of Core Bank said, “When it comes to overcoming the challenges of 2020, Core Bank is striving to be so much more than a bank. We are creating a better future for our families and small businesses. Core Bank is all in – with our dollars and with our service – for the good of the Omaha metro.”

Businesses Lending A Helping Hand

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 20, 2020    in
Many area businesses are supporting #GivingTuesday402 in the Omaha metro and GivingTuesday712 in Southwest Iowa to harness the power of good in our community. From hosting employee giving campaigns to providing virtual volunteer opportunities for staff, employers are getting creative in finding ways to assist those in need. Such efforts include:
  • TS Bank employees have adopted five charities throughout their organizational footprint that they will support with supply drives. TS Bank is also offering companywide virtual volunteering social hour.