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3 Businesses doing good for Giving Tuesday

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 26, 2019    in
Businesses can be Do Gooders, too! These three metro businesses are joining in the do good takeover, and invite you to join them to spread positivity for Giving Tuesday.

Dusted Charm


Dusted Charm, a boutique in Council Bluffs, has already collected 2k+ diapers for FAMILY, Inc

Dusted Charm continues to collect diapers and cash/check donations through Wednesday 11/27! Enjoy 20% off your purchase when you donate a package of diapers.

Join the legion of Do Gooders for Giving Tuesday

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 19, 2019    in
The legion of Do Gooders is growing as more individuals, families and businesses step up and declare they will do good for Giving Tuesday.

Across the metro, you are pledging to contribute an act of real-life good – volunteering with LFS 24 Hours of Impact, donating and surprising someone with kindness. We can’t wait to see you put positivity out in to our city, and watch it take over.
We asked, how will YOU do good on Dec. 3?

Some of you have said:
“(I’ll) help a stranger. It doesn’t take much to be polite and extend a helping hand.” – Helena

“Make donations to my favorite local nonprofits” – Karen

“Make treats for my neighbors” – Amy

“I plan to volunteer at New Visions!” – Kelsey

“Helping clean up my neighbor’s yard” – Rikki

A note from TS Bank: Join the #GivingTuesday712 movement!

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 12, 2019    in
As the presenting sponsor of #GivingTuesday712, TS Bank invites YOU to join the metro-wide, do good takeover on December 3rd!

Giving Tuesday helps to refocus our energy on the reason for the holiday season. The day was built by individuals, families, organizations, businesses and communities in countries around the world and millions of people have come together to champion the causes they believe in.

We are joining with SHARE Omaha to rally the metro community, including Southwest Iowa, around the common goal of doing good while celebrating and promoting all types of giving along. This is the time to learn about the critical work of metro area nonprofits and support their efforts.

We are thrilled that our TS Bank locations will serve as the official #GivingTuesday712 headquarters for Southwest Iowa activities. 

The challenge for you, your company and your friends:

"Like" and do good: The best nonprofit Facebook accounts to follow

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 10, 2019    in
Sometimes "doing good" can be done in just a few clicks! One way to spread positivity in advance of December 3rd's Giving Tuesday is to like and follow local nonprofit Facebook pages. You'll stay up-to-date on all the good happening and be able to easily share nonprofit needs with your friends.

Facebook pages of #GivingTuesday402 and #GivingTuesday712 participants are linked below.

Who will you follow?

A Time To Heal Cancer Foundation
African American Empowerment Network

Help working poor families this Giving Tuesday!

Written by Katie Fourney    on November 9, 2019    in
Nebraskans for Solar and Heartland Hope Mission are partnering on the installation of a solar energy system on their building at 2021 U Street in Omaha to help reduce their energy bills for the next 25 years. The money saved can instead be used for their programs. 
Nebraskans for Solar is raising funds for this new Green Watts for Good project for #GivingTuesday402. Their goal is to raise $10,000 and Nebraskans for Solar will match individual donations up to a total of $10,000.  
Giving Tuesday is December 3, 2019 but you can give any time before then by donating here with donation code GT402.

#GivingTuesday712, presented by TS Bank!  

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 30, 2019    in
If you missed the Giving Tuesday “big news” blog, read the whatwhen and how here.
A metro-wide, do good takeover on December 3rd would not be possible without TS Bank’s financial support of #GivingTuesday712!

TS Bank believes so strongly in giving back that they reinvest 10% of their pre-tax income back into the community, supporting projects like #GivingTuesday712 and offer their employees 50 hours of volunteer time off annually!

#GivingTuesday402, presented by ACCESSbank!

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 29, 2019    in
If you missed the Giving Tuesday “big news” blog, read the whatwhen and how here.
A metro-wide, do good takeover on December 3rd would not be possible without ACCESSbank’s financial support of #GivingTuesday402!

As ACCESSbank says, they are here for a reason. They are here to make things happen in Omaha. It’s why they volunteer their time and sponsor community events like #GivingTuesday402.


Giving Tuesday: A do good takeover, powered by collaboration!

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 24, 2019    in
This Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3), SHARE Omaha is collaborating with the Omaha Community Foundation, Pottawattamie County Community Foundation, 24 Hours of Impact and Secret Kindness Agents to ignite local generosity!

If you missed the Giving Tuesday “big news” blog, read the whatwhen and how here.

Give on Dec. 3 or give early at SHARE Omaha, Omaha Gives! or Pottawattamie Gives!

#GivingTuesday402 and #GivingTuesday712: Let’s bring the international movement home!

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 23, 2019    in
SHARE Omaha is bringing the international Giving Tuesday movement home with for Nebraska supporters and for Iowa!

If you missed yesterday’s “big news” blog, read the what, when and how here.

We know you want to do good in your own backyard. These hyper-local websites will help you do just that for Giving Tuesday in the Omaha metro.