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Shop for Good: Foster Care Closet of Nebraska

Foster Care Closet exists to restore dignity to youth in crisis, changing the way they enter and experience foster care. They do this by providing brand new clothing twice a year for each youth free of charge. They can pick out for themselves: 5 NEW outfits including shoes, socks, underwear, seasonal outerwear, comfort and hygiene items. 

Shop for Good: EPIC for Girls

EPIC for Girls researches, advocates for, and funds innovative and long-lasting solutions that address inequalities in sports for young women of color. Sports participation increases self-esteem, improves overall health, contributes to more positive body image, and increases likelihood of college attendance. EPIC for Girls is the only athletic continuum in Omaha that focuses on BIPOC girls in athletics regardless of ability to pay.

#GivingEveryTuesday: Museums

After a momentous Giving Tuesday on November 28, 2023, let's keep the giving going year-round!

We invite you to participate in #GivingEveryTuesday, where we uplift a unique cause area each week. You can learn more about local needs and provide support in the ways you choose, anytime. Keep flexing your generosity muscle every week, and let's see what our community can do when we give 24/7/365!

This week, we encourage you to click through and learn more about each of these local museums. If you're able, give a gift to help sustain their work!

Shop for Good: Wildlife Learning Encounters

Wildlife Encounters of Nebraska is dedicated to educating the public about our natural world while offering a home for animals in need for over 30 years. Wildlife Encounter’s award winning educational programs have been seen and heard by over 1 million students nationwide. Their programs are based on the core value of connecting the next generation to our natural world. Engaging students in wildlife conservation and environmental education fosters compassion for all animals and the responsible use of our natural resources, resulting in responsible citizens of our planet.

#GivingTuesday402 stays strong, thanks to you!

Though there have been changes in giving patterns this year, Giving Tuesday stays strong for local giving!

Early giving through was up, over 10,000 people explored the website on Giving Tuesday and almost one in four gifts were from new donors. Reports of direct-to-nonprofit giving are still coming in and we are thrilled to share that the greater Omaha metro, including Western Iowa givers using, raised over $4.3 million for vital local nonprofits to continue their important work. 

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