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#ShopforGood: Girls

Shopping for Good is the best kind of shopping! How do you do it? When you "Shop for Good" you send local nonprofits the items they need, directly from their wish lists. This week our theme this week is Girls. These are just a few items you can send to make a difference with just a few clicks:


Women's Center for Advancement

"At the forefront of our necessities are new women's underwear in all sizes, women’s plus-size clothing and hygiene products," says Women's Center for Advancement.

Volunteer Voices: Doreen, The Rose Theater volunteer

I was curious, what is it like to help with a school show at The Rose Theater? My son has a field trip scheduled for next month and I could just imagine how many hands it takes to keep the theater from descending into pure chaos. Last week, I gave two hours of my time as a school show usher and got to see the magic first hand. 

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