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#GivingEveryTuesday: Arts & Culture

Each Tuesday, SHARE Omaha features a unique cause theme for #GivingEveryTuesday and encourages us all to give and support in any way we can! This week's #GivingEveryTuesday theme is Arts & Culture. Hear about these inspiring nonprofits below and help fund their missions!

Omaha Mobile Stage

Kaylea Kuhlman of Omaha Mobile Stage shares, "Omaha Mobile Stage overcomes common challenges to increasing access to the arts and creating arts-based gatherings in neighborhood public spaces. These challenges include prohibitive ticket costs, limited arts funding to neighborhood-led initiatives, and a lack of transportation to traditional venues."

Omaha Mobile Stage

OMS events entertain thousands of residents and visitors annually. These events help establish safe outdoor community spaces. These gatherings also increase the vibrancy, connection, and economic and social well-being of residents and businesses along the metro’s historic and revitalizing main streets and park systems.

"Financial support provides a critical foundation for the OMS project to be fully realized, adding value and vibrancy to the city we love," says Kaylea.

Donate to Omaha Mobile Stage


Benson Theatre 

Amy Ryan, executive director of the Benson Theatre shares, "Arts and culture nonprofits play a crucial role in preserving and promoting various forms of cultural heritage, granting equitable access to events, regardless of socio-economic status, significantly contributing to local economies, providing educational experiences through performances, workshops, classes, and exhibitions, and encouraging innovation and exploration of new ideas on a local scale directly impacting the compassion, growth, and creative expression of communities, neighborhoods, and cities. Donating to arts and culture nonprofits directly increases a society's vibrancy, connection, and well-being." 

Benson Theatre is built on a foundation of inclusive access to arts and education and that deep-rooted purpose is a line that runs through everything they do. By creating an incredible breadth of programming, ranging from concerts and theatrical performances, to workshops and civic discussions, they act as a cultural hub for Benson, North Omaha, and beyond. They keep their average ticket price low, host several free events, pay every artist that walks through the doors, and can't wait to make the dreams of local artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs a reality. They play a significant role in making the metro area a better place by fostering cultural enrichment, community engagement, economic development, education, and preservation of the creative landscape of Omaha.

The Theatre relies on the generosity of patrons, community members, and local businesses to continue providing exceptional cultural experiences, fostering creativity, and bringing our community together. They are always looking for sponsorships for programming, collaborators on new events, volunteers for the front of house, and continued monetary support. Every single cent goes back into cultivating a sanctuary for our community.

Donate to Benson Theatre


Hot Shops Art Center 

Kim Sellmeyer at Hot Shops Art Center shares, "Arts and Culture organizations help make Omaha a destination for vacationers and ’stay-cautioners,’ alike. We help to make our city a desirable place not only for people who live here, but for visitors and for attracting talent." 

Hot Shops Art Center is one-of-a-kind, but forged for everyone. From established artists to anyone who is curious - all are invited to imagine, invent and observe. They are the region’s largest artist collective, with 96 artists in 58 studios. In a city with world-class cultural experiences, they are the link, making local artists visible. They foster connection and culture across Omaha, with events, educational opportunities, community engagement and more. 

Kim explains, "We are currently fundraising for an ADA Accessible Elevator. The absence of this vital infrastructure limits access for people with mobility impairments, including seniors, parents with strollers, and others who face challenges navigating staircases. We frequently host education programs for disabled children and adults, but they can only participate in programs held on the first floor. By installing an elevator, we will eliminate these barriers and create an accessible space that fosters inclusion by enabling individuals of all mobility levels to participate in our arts education programs, classes, events, and visit the myriad studios spread across all floors in our historic building. "

Donate to Hot Shops Art Center


Douglas County Historical Society 

George Martin, board member of the Douglas County Historical Society, shares, "Arts and Culture nonprofits enhance our communities by preserving, showcasing, and celebrating human achievements that might otherwise be forgotten or only available to a select few."

The Douglas County Historical Society makes the metro a better place by helping to preserve and retell the story of how our community came to be.

"Like many other nonprofits, we need volunteers who love history and want to help preserve it with us!  We can never have enough 'hands on deck' and welcome anyone who wants to help advance our mission," say George. 

Donate to Douglas County Historical Society


Omaha Summer Arts Festival 

Maggie Winton, board member of the Omaha Summer Arts Festival shares, "The Omaha Summer Arts Festival is proud to be an event that is completely free to the public – we believe art should be accessible to everyone and we do not charge an admission fee. Donations from our community are one of the ways we are able to stay a free event, and we know that other organizations like us offer similar opportunities thanks to their donations. When you donate to an arts and culture nonprofit, not only are you supporting the local arts community, but you're also ensuring that art in our city is accessible to all Omahans." 

Omaha has such a vibrant arts community, and OSAF has worked to support and enhance it for the past 50 years. Not only does the Festival bring world-class artists from around the United States, but they also work with local artists and visual arts organizations to make sure the event is truly the "OMAHA Summer Arts Festival." From working with the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards to create a local musician showcase at the Festival, or working with local artists to create giant pop-up murals all over the city, supporting our community's artistic talents is paramount to the mission. They also recognize the importance of shaping the next generation of artists and arts lovers – children are able to attend the Festival and interact with local organizations offering free art activities in our Children's Fair and they're able to peruse the Young Artist Exhibition to see incredible work from their peers. 

"This year, as we celebrate our 'golden' anniversary, OSAF wants you to help us celebrate the arts in Omaha AND our 50th anniversary by enjoying the Festival this summer! Even just wandering the streets of Aksarben Village and seeing all the amazing artwork will give you a new appreciation of all things art-related," says Maggie. 

Donate to Omaha Summer Arts Festival

BFF Omaha

BFF Omaha 

John-Paul Burneet of BFF Omaha shares, "When you donate to arts and culture nonprofits you are supporting creatives in your local community. Arts and culture nonprofits provide opportunities for artists, contributing to the economic vitality of communities by generating revenue, creating jobs, attracting tourism, and revitalizing neighborhoods."

BFF Omaha hosts First Friday art walks in the Benson Creative District. This is a monthly event where the community can come together and engage with the arts. First Friday art walks bring 23,000 people annually to the Benson community.

"We need you to become a Friend of BFF! As a Friend of BFF you not only support our mission of building community through arts engagement, you also get access to exclusive perks every First Friday!" says John-Paul. 

Donate to BFF Omaha


Bemis Center for Contemporary Art

Jamie Seney of Bemis shares, "Studies show that a thriving arts sector improves the wellbeing and safety of a community. Donating to arts and culture nonprofits like Bemis Center allows us to remain free and accessible to the public, year-round. This ensures we can continue pursuing our mission to facilitate the creation, presentation, and understanding of contemporary art through an international residency program, exhibitions, and educational programs."

Bemic Center's diverse programming inspires an open dialogue on the critical issues that give shape and meaning to the human condition. As an artist-centric nonprofit, they honor and respect the critical role artists play in our society. They value creativity, trust, courage, diversity, acceptance, and the open exchange of ideas and worldviews.

"Our supporters are critical to helping keep Bemis free and accessible each year—consider becoming a member or donor today to support keeping our programming lively and engaging. This year, we are particularly excited to celebrate the five-year anniversary of our music venue, LOW END! Spread the word and join us on select Thursday evenings for LOW END performances inside the unique venue. Members who join or renew at the $150 level or above will receive a limited-edition vinyl record featuring past LOW END performers," says Jamie. 

Donate to Bemis


Pear Tree Performing Arts 

Dr. Natasha Partridge-Butler of Pear Tree Performing Arts shares, "Donating to arts and culture nonprofits supports the overall well-being of our community. It is essential for preserving heritage, enriching communities, fostering education and creativity, stimulating economic growth, promoting social cohesion, and building confidence in the next generation."

Pear Tree makes our community a better place by ensuring all young people have a creative hub to call home, a place to be themselves. They support the whole child and family by creating a village to bridge resource gaps and provide a nurturing performing arts experience.  

"Our community is so supportive! We are always in need of financial donations, gently used costumes and dance shoes, tumbling mats, or items from our Amazon wish list," says Natasha. 

Donate to Pear Tree Performing Arts


Choose your ways to donate today and support Arts & Culture in the greater Omaha/Council Bluffs metro!

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