Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Mrs. Hannah Holguin, Executive Director
Mrs. Sara Bookless, Director of Operations
Public Contact Name
Hannah Holguin
Main Address

Humble and Kind
1001 Fort Crook Rd N
Suite 114
Bellevue, NE 68005
United States

What We Do

Humble and Kind is committed to helping people in their time of need. We recognize that families face unfortunate circumstances all the time. Some families are trying to break the cycle of poverty, some families face extreme circumstances that dramatically affect their life, but yet all families need support sometimes. Humble and Kind is designed to give families a boost over a mountain of challenges, buy a family some time before long-term support is established, or fill in the gaps of established support. 

Booster Bags- We offer Booster Bags to families who may feel ill-equipped to bring home a new baby. Booster Bags are provided to families through the help of local social workers. These bags contain baby clothing, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, hats, and additional information about H&K. The bags are intended to buy the family time until additional support comes in. This support may come from the family's support system, another agency, or a Humble & Kind appointment.

Cycle Packs- Period poverty is real in Nebraska. 1 in 6 women face inadequate access to period supplies in Nebraska; 1 in 4 teens miss school due to a lack of these supplies. We provide Cycle Packs to each woman who visits us. A Cycle Pack contains 25 tampons or pads (depending on preference). These packs are given to women monthly, as needed.

Diaper Assistance- We provide babies with 60 diapers and a pack of wipes. If a child is in need of on-going diaper support, a parent can visit us monthly to restock.

Hygiene Help- Additionally at our location we meet a family's basic needs by providing shampoo, conditioner, baby soap, deodorant, dental hygiene products, and more.

Clothing Closet- Families can receive assistance with clothing. We recognize that children grow quickly so a great deal of our inventory consists of children's clothing. We continuously work to restock and maintain our closet to make all sizes available. Adult clothing is available but quantities and sizes are limited. In addition to clothing, we also have essential shoe attire available.

Meals of Hope- We are actively fundraising to provide shelf-stable meals to families. These meals are intended for emergencies and guarantee a meal for a family of 6 or less. A family only needs one pot, boiling water, and a meal bag. We are partnering with local schools for easier access and distribution. The bags are discrete enough to slip into a child's backpack. We aim to feed 50-60,000 people through this program after fundraising is complete.


We are actively growing and evolving to support our community. Our mission is brief but practical, we help people in their time of need. A person may need clothing this month but hygiene items next month. We prioritize building relationships with our clients so they feel welcomed and loved when they come through our doors. We will support a family for as long as possible- but ultimately we want to support them back into a path of independence. 

Interesting Info
  • We started as a humble closet in the back of a math teacher's classroom and have been growing ever since.
  • In 2020, we served over 8000 hot dog meals during the heat of the pandemic.
  • We speak Spanish!
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Volunteer Opportunities

General Volunteer
Repeats daily until Monday, July 31st, 2023
Duration of 22 hours 59 minutes

Pick Up/Delivery Driver
Repeats weekly on Sunday and Saturday