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Where's SHARE is at... RESPECT!

Written by Katie Fourney    on September 28, 2020    in
Where's SHARE is an odyssey across the Omaha metro to discover causes that matter, presented by Core Bank. Did you decode this clue?

When they first began, bullying and teen dating violence weren’t discussed,
But two decades later, the education they provide is a must.
Their interactive approach with students stages a conversation,
Reaching over half a million participants, their efforts are worthy of your donation!
Where’s SHARE? We are RESPECT!

Our fifth journey across the metro took us to RESPECT; it is a local nonprofit you need to know! RESPECT provides our community with the skills needed to prevent and to stop bullying and other forms of abuse in relationships. Through interactive educational theatre programs for children, teens, college students and adults throughout Nebraska and Iowa, they share the information, skills, practice and resources audiences need to enhance their abilities to be safe and healthy in a wide array of challenging relationships and situations.

As the only organization of its kind in Nebraska, RESPECT has provided more than 3,500 programs to over 500,000 participants since its inception. Have you been a part of a RESPECT program?

Donate here to support their mission.

See ways you can volunteer with RESPECT here.

Thank you, Core Bank, for supporting local causes and Where's SHARE!

Where’s SHARE is presented by Core Bank, striving to run ahead of the pack and create better options for our community.