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Where's SHARE

An odyssey across the Omaha metro to discover causes that matter - - - presented by Core Bank

Where's SHARE is an odyssey across the Omaha metro to discover causes that matter, presented by Core Bank. Decode hints to reveal a nonprofit organization you should know.

Venture a guess on Facebook! Core Bank will donate $1 to the revealed nonprofit for every guess, up to $100 per clue. 

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Core Bank

Where’s SHARE is presented by Core Bank, striving to run ahead of the pack and create better options for our community.

Where's SHARE?
Between the performer, the witness and what they share, there is art in the air. If it's the eclectic that you seek, head to the south, no need to speak Greek.
They improve community health and empower your neighborhood, This Omaha metro organization grows all things good. They know with 2020’s pandemic there is a need for more, So they’re seeking to produce 10 times beyond ever before...
This location seeks preservation, Of a Northern landmark in our nation. With an appreciation for the railroad, This might be a clue you can decode. Look for the work of W.W. Boyington on your tour, The mansard roof adds to its allure.