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#GivingEveryTuesday: Girls

Each Tuesday, SHARE Omaha features a unique cause theme for #GivingEveryTuesday and encourages you to give and support in any way you can! The #GivingEveryTuesday theme for this week is nonprofits supporting Girls. How will you give today to support these amazing local nonprofits?


Women's Center for Advancement

Yvonne Kaburu of Women's Center for Advancement shares, "Supporting girls' causes contributes to the broader goal of achieving gender equality. Many societies have historically marginalized and discriminated against girls, limiting their access to education, healthcare, and opportunities. Donating to nonprofits working on these issues helps level the playing field and promote equal opportunities for girls. When girls are educated and empowered, the benefits extend beyond the individual to the entire community. Girls who receive support are more likely to invest in their families and communities, leading to long-term positive effects on social and economic development. Overall, donating to nonprofits that focus on girls' needs is a strategic and impactful way to contribute to a more just and equitable world, with benefits extending far beyond individual girls to entire communities and societies."

Women's Center for Advancement, is actively contributing to making the metro a better place through their comprehensive services and programs aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, and stalking. Their services include advocacy, self-sufficiency support, legal assistance, crisis counseling, a 24/7 hotline and a boutique. In addition, we conduct weekly classes and support groups such as domestic violence support, sexual assault support, and trauma-informed yoga. These services and programs empower individuals to recognize signs of abuse, offer support to survivors, and contribute to fostering a culture of safety and awareness. They help survivors build the skills and confidence necessary to stay safe and grow strong. 

"Community involvement is essential for fostering a proactive approach to preventing violence and supporting survivors. Community support helps us mobilize resources effectively. Whether through volunteerism, donations, or advocacy efforts, community members play a pivotal role in ensuring that our services remain accessible and responsive to the evolving needs of survivors. In essence, the partnership between WCA and our community is an indispensable force in advancing our collective mission. It is a dynamic collaboration that goes beyond mere involvement – it is a shared commitment to creating a metropolitan area that is not just safe but resilient, compassionate, and supportive for all its residents. Together, we have the potential to make meaningful strides towards a future where violence is eradicated, survivors are empowered to thrive, and a culture of compassion prevails as the norm rather than the exception. The support of our community is the cornerstone of this transformative journey, and we invite everyone to join us in building a brighter and safer tomorrow," says Yvonne.

Donate to WCA


Emerging Ladies Academy

Tiffany Gamble of Emerging Ladies Academy shares, "By supporting nonprofits that focus on girls' needs, you contribute to creating a more equitable society where girls have the same opportunities as boys. This can lead to long-term societal benefits, as empowered girls are more likely to become educated, economically independent women who can positively contribute to their communities." 

In addition, Tiffany notes that nonprofits that focus on girls often provide education, healthcare, and other essential services that can break the cycle of poverty. When girls have access to education and support, they are more likely to escape poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families. Supporting nonprofits that address the needs of girls helps empower the next generation of female leaders. By investing in girls' education and well-being, we can help cultivate a new generation of leaders who can contribute positively to society. 

Emerging Ladies Academy is making the metro a better place by providing essential support and resources to girls that desire tech education. The organization offers tech educational programs, mentorship, and empowerment initiatives that help young girls develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed. By doing so, it contributes to building a more empowered and capable future generation of women who can positively impact their communities and the metro area as a whole.

"One thing that Emerging Ladies Academy needs from the community is increased visibility and support. This could include opportunities for collaboration with local businesses, professionals, and other organizations to expand their reach and impact. Additionally, financial support and volunteers are always crucial for nonprofits, as they help sustain and expand the organization's programs and services. Increased community involvement can help Emerging Ladies Academy reach more girls and make an even greater positive impact in the metro area," says Tiffany.

Donate to Emerging Ladies Academy


EPIC for Girls

Kimberly Thomas of EPIC for Girls shares, "At EPIC for Girls, our mission is centered in empowering girls to step into spaces where they have traditionally been excluded. It is extremely important to address the needs of girls/young women because communities thrive when girls are provided the same opportunities and access as their male counterparts." 

EPIC for Girls is making the metro a better place by investing in local nonprofit organizations who are dedicated to ensuring girls, specifically girls of color, experience the life-changing impact of sports participation. Healthy, confident, and empowered young women are the pebbles in the pond that creates a tsunami of benefits for years to come. 

"EPIC for Girls needs you to become a donor and ambassador to invest in our mission!" says Kimberly.

Donate to EPIC for Girls


Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club

Erin Sullivan, executive director of Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club, shares, "Historically, girls have not been given the same opportunity for boys - whether that is academically, athletically, socially. It is important that all girls be afforded the same opportunities that have been available to boys since the beginning of time. It is important that we give girls the opportunities to discover that they can be leaders. We need to support programs that encourage girls to try new things and to build the confidence needed to become strong, self confident members of our society."

The Ironhawk Juniors Triathlon Club's mission is to engage the girls of our community in physical fitness and confidence building. Our program encourages girls to be active and to accomplish things that may seem impossible. Through the Ironhawk Juniors program our Juniors learn that they have the confidence needed to become leaders.

"We need the support of our community. Not just financial support that allows us to continue to offer our program for FREE but we also need human support. It takes a minimum of 70 volunteers each week for our eight week program. On our final event day, the number of volunteers needed increases to well over 100. It is an incredible opportunity to volunteer for this program and watch our Juniors and witness the accomplishments that reach over the two month program."

Donate to Ironhawk Juniors Triatholon Club

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska

Erin Sullivan, executive director of Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska, shares, "Donating to non-profit organizations addressing the needs of girls is crucial for fostering gender equality and empowerment. By supporting these initiatives, you contribute to breaking down barriers that hinder girls' access to education, healthcare, and opportunities. Investing in their well-being not only transforms individual lives but also positively impacts communities and societies, creating a more inclusive and equitable world for future generations."

Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska is enhancing the metro area by instilling leadership skills and promoting community engagement among girls and non-binary children. Through our wide range of programs, Girl Scouts empowers girls to develop confidence, resilience, and a sense of responsibility, contributing to the creation of strong, capable future leaders. In our programs, we emphasize service projects and community involvement also actively fosters positive change, making the metro a better place through the collective impact of these young leaders.

"You can support Girl Scouts in Nebraska by attending our upcoming the 20th anniversary for artVenture, Art Show and Auction, on Saturday, April 20, 2024, from 6–8 p.m. at UNO Mammel Hall, 6708 Pine Street, Omaha. This state-wide fundraiser celebrates creativity, collaboration, and giving back, as small groups of Girl Scouts team up with artists to create one of a kind artworks, showcasing the power of artistic expression. Art works will be auctioned off to raise funds supporting Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska, ensuring the continuation of outdoor and educational programs for all girls in Nebraska." 

Donate to Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska


Women of Wisdom

Dorarena Smith of Women of Wisdom shares, "Proper guidance for girls is essential because it plays a vital role in preventing future problems. Showing these girls that someone outside of their homes cares about their future will help them put forth the effort to create a better future for themselves and others after them."

We are committed to bringing about a long-lasting change in the mindset, behavior, and decision-making process in our community. We are working to transform not just the metro area but the city. We have been expanding our workshops and activities to connect with the community. Our future goal is to set up support groups and after-school programs specifically designed for middle and high school girls.

"We would like the support of our community to bring awareness to our organization and mission. We strongly believe that spreading awareness about our cause is pivotal to our success and will help us achieve our goals and encourage more people to volunteer and get involved," says Dorarena. 

Donate to Women of Wisdom


Mystery Code Society 

Hauwa Muibi of Mystery Code Society shares, "Organizations with the mission to advocate for gender equity need as much support as possible. Every board member in Mystery Code Society is a volunteer putting in time and effort to create curriculum, recruit students, hire qualified teachers, fundraise, and plan community events all while maintaining a full-time job among other responsibilities. We need donations to help promote our programs, reach more students, and ensure that our programs remain sustainable and can be expanded to serve more students. Additionally, donations can help us ensure that students who do not have access to a computer at home, can get one and further practice what they learned in class."

In the 6 years since our founding in 2018, we have taught 15 sets of students, offering at least 2 classes a year. Mystery Code Society offers free beginner and intermediate coding education to people of marginalized gender. Our focus is on students in 5th through 12th grades and the classes we currently offer include Intro to Web. Development (1 &2), Intro to Ruby, Intro to JavaScript, JavaScript Games, Intro to iOS Mobile Application, and Intro to Android Mobile Application. We have had students who finished our programs and gone on to achieve great things like winning the 2021 TOYO teen award, 2020 congressional app challenge, State Leadership conference in coding and programming award among other things. Our students often share that our classes are a safe space for them to learn, explore different programming languages, and get mentorship from the class speakers and teachers.

"We need help with reaching more students and expanding our curriculum. We often struggle with student recruitment for the free classes we offer. We would appreciate an opportunity to partner with schools and parents to help spread the word about our classes and garner interests. Our classes are always free and our goal is to ensure that our students get an introduction to coding education and leave with an understanding that a career in technology is always an option," says Hauwa. 

Donate to Mystery Code Society


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