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Where's SHARE is at... The Historic General Dodge House!

Written by Katie Fourney    on September 14, 2020    in
Where's SHARE is an odyssey across the Omaha metro to discover causes that matter, presented by Core Bank. Did you decode this clue?

This location seeks preservation,
Of a Northern landmark in our nation.
With an appreciation for the railroad,
This might be a clue you can decode.
Look for the work of W.W. Boyington on your tour,
The mansard roof adds to its allure.
Where’s SHARE? We are at the Historic General Dodge House!

Our third journey across the metro took us to the Historic General Dodge House; it is Council Bluffs nonprofit landmark you need to know! The Historic General Dodge House protects, preserves and shares the history of General Grenville M. Dodge, his home and its contents, ensuring their future for generations to come. They provide educational and outreach opportunities for all ages and backgrounds through tours, programs and events.


The Historic General Dodge House has nearly 10,000 visitors each year, from every state and dozens of countries. Have you been to the Dodge House?

Donate here to support their mission.

See ways you can volunteer at the Historic General Dodge House here.  

Thank you, Core Bank, for supporting local causes and Where's SHARE!

Where’s SHARE is presented by Core Bank, striving to run ahead of the pack and create better options for our community.