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SHARE Omaha turns one year old!

Written by Katie Fourney    on January 16, 2020    in
You're invited to celebrate SHARE Omaha's birthday with us! We'd say no gifts, but...  volunteer, donate (use donation code BIRTHDAY) or send a special item to one of 405 local nonprofits. Your generosity is the best gift!

Just 365 days ago, went live. And these past 52 weeks, you've done GOOD!

Givers from across the metro discovered new nonprofits that serve important causes and connected in meaningful ways. You've served thousands of volunteer hours, attended important events, shared your funds and gifted items nonprofits need to do their work. Thank you for using as a resource to find your fit and do good!

Highlights of SHARE Omaha's first year:
  • January 17, Launch: 156 nonprofits live on the website
  • January 24, Council Bluffs Ribbon-cutting: Emphasized our cross-river, metro-wide footprint
  • March 3, Wooing Volunteers: First public coffee for nonprofits, collaboration with ThriVinci
  • March 15, YP Summit: Recruited 10% of the 1,500 summit attendees to apply for volunteer opportunities
  • March 15, Flooding emergency: Began sourcing the metro area needs for emergency response
  • April 2, (do)Good month: Board 101 training for young professionals, collaboration with Nonprofit Association of the Midlands (NAM) and ThriVinci
  • April 8, 300th Nonprofit Member: Doubled in member size; The Bike Union is the 300th approved nonprofit member!
  • April 10, Board Diversity Roundtable: Co-hosted a full-house conversation with Young Black and Influential and NAM
  • April 18, Volunteer & Beer Fair: Showcased 20+ nonprofit organizations and their volunteer opportunities at Flagship Commons
  • May 15, ICAN Women’s Conference: Helped attendees take actions on – volunteering, donating or shopping wish lists
  • May 22, Omaha Gives! and Pottawattamie Gives!: Partnered with NAM to encourage nonprofits (visited 40+) throughout the celebration day
  • June 4, Cuppa Jo’maha: Co-hosted with ACCESSBank a nonprofit presentation on nonprofit marketing
  • June 10, Amazon delivery station opening: Celebrated with Lift Up Sarpy, a recipient of flood relief donations
  • July 16, Cuppa Jo’maha: Co-hosted with ACCESSBank a nonprofit presentation on debunking nonprofit volunteering myths
  • July 28, Opened Council Bluffs Office: Began leasing physical space in both Omaha and Council Bluffs
  • August 20, Cuppa Jo'maha: Co-hosted with ACCESSBank a nonprofit presentation on the art of gratitude
  • August 24, Saturdays at Stinson Concert: Introduced SHARE Omaha to attendees of the Lemon Fresh Day concert
  • September 1, Giving Tuesday Nonprofit Training: Oriented nonprofit members to the new metro-wide Giving Tuesday campaign
  • September 10, Council Bluffs Giving Tuesday Nonprofit Training: Shared Giving Tuesday details with Iowa nonprofits
  • October 11, Opening game of UNO Athletics Impact Partner Sponsorship: Fans have the opportunity to engage with the featured nonprofit partner 
  • November 7, NAM Summit: Connected with nonprofit members during NAM's annual summit
  • November 9, Habitat Omaha Community Partner recognition: Received recognition as a Habitat Omaha Community Partner of the Year
  • November 15, Cuppa Jo'maha: Co-hosted with ACCESSBank a nonprofit presentation on the future of the nonprofit workforce
  • November 21, Giving Tuesday Prep Rally: Nonprofits and Do-Gooders gathered to kick up the excitement for Giving Tuesday
  • November 27, 400th Nonprofit Member: 400 nonprofits live on the website; El Museo Latino is the 400th approved nonprofit member
  • December 3, Giving Tuesday: SHARE Omaha initiates a metro-wide, do good take over, sponsored by TS Bank and ACCESSbank
  • December 13, Cuppa Jo'maha: Co-hosted with ACCESSBank a nonprofit working session for thanking donors
In 2020, we will continue to connect, inspire and build good alongside you, our metro-wide Do-Gooders. What you proved to us at SHARE Omaha in the last year is that our belief about people wanting to find their fit with community needs and service is true – you showed up, got involved, helped your neighbor and had fun with us! Thank you for getting excited about doing good.

Our birthday party is virtual! Volunteer, donate (use donation code BIRTHDAY) or send a special item to one of 405 local nonprofits. We'd send you a virtual piece of cake, if we could.