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NorthStar Volunteers are Community Champions

Written by Katie Fourney    on September 4, 2019    in

As KETV says, NorthStar volunteers are Community Champions. To see if volunteering at NorthStar is a fit for you, learn more here.
Recently, KETV reporter Niyah Gonzalez featured the NorthStar reading intervention program in this news story and its outstanding volunteers. The program is instrumental in advancing reading skills for elementary students. The program establishes a strategy and monitoring process for each student. At regular intervals, progress is assessed and adjustments are made. For the 2019-2020 school year, the curriculum is ready but more reading intervention volunteers are needed.
“Volunteers are a critical part of what we do,” says Jim Stevens, NorthStar director of education. “We always have a place for volunteers if there is an interest.”
Yvonne, a dedicated NorthStar volunteer, loves seeing the progress of the students. Last year, all of her students excelled beyond their academic level at the beginning of the year.
“I believe in giving back,” says Yvonne. “It does make a difference.”
Aside from tutoring and reading intervention, there are many ways to volunteer with NorthStar. If NorthStar is a fit for how you want to give your time, there is a place for you and you’re needed. Apply to volunteer with NorthStar today.