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Metropolitan Utilities District: Champion for Housing

Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.) has been named SHARE Omaha's Do Good Days Champion for Housing, and we are proud to recognize M.U.D.'s commitment to the community. M.U.D. is more than just a provider of natural gas and water services, it is a strong community partner that is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those it serves.

M.U.D. employees and retirees generously donate their time and money to support the community. One of the ways M.U.D. gives back is through the M.U.D. Home Fund, which provides utility assistance to those in need. This program helps ensure that families and individuals who are struggling to pay their utility bills can stay warm in the winter. By providing this support, M.U.D. helps ensure that everyone in the community has access to essential utilities, regardless of their financial situation.

Supporting housing needs is an essential part of M.U.D.'s commitment to the community. M.U.D. recognizes that access to affordable housing and utilities is critical for families and individuals to thrive, and that is why it is dedicated to supporting those needs in Omaha.

You too can help support housing needs in the metro:

Thank you, M.U.D., for being SHARE Omaha’s Do Good Days Champion for Housing.


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