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Immersive volunteer experiences with Omaha Symphony

No need to take a seat, when you experience the magic of the Omaha Symphony as a volunteer you get the opportunity walk behind the scenes of some of the Symphony’s most spectacular programs for youth and families. Which of these volunteer experiences feels most like you?


Celebrate Creativity (October 17-20, 2023)

Omaha Symphony’s Celebrate Creativity is a day like no other! Each of the 250 middle and high school students is given a customized day based on student requests. Students engage in 3 workshops to explore all the ways we can be creative, followed by a sack lunch and a Symphony concert just for them!

This program takes place at the Jewish Community Center. Volunteers are needed to help ensure all the students know where they are going. Volunteers staff each section of the building, directing students to their workshops.

Volunteer for Celebrate Creativity


Symphony Spooktacular Family Concert (Oct. 22, 2023)

Pull back the veil between the living and the departed to celebrate Día de los Muertos. This exciting and festive program features music from CocoMarch of the Little Goblins by Glaser, Conga del Fuego Nuevo by Arturo Márquez and more! Join the Omaha Symphony in costume as they explore rich Mexican traditions.

Volunteers will assist families in making the craft and exploring instruments in the instrument petting zoo.

Volunteer for the Symphony Spooktacular


Choral Collaborative (November 11, 2023)

Choirs from various high schools will join the Omaha Symphony for Brahms Requiem. Choral Collaborative is a one-of-a-kind program built upon the partnership of successful high school vocal programs and the Omaha Symphony.  This unparalleled experience affords students the opportunity to perform world-class repertoire, work with professional soloists, and participate in an intense learning and rehearsal process with the artistic staff of a professional orchestra.

Volunteers to help with a pizza party for 400 students participating in Saturday’s day-long rehearsal.

Volunteer for the Choral Collaborative


Concerts for Youth (Feb. 28, 29 & March 1, 2024)

The Omaha Symphony is collaborating with the Union Pacific Railroad Museum to explore the music of the Irish Immigrants who built the plains segment of the transcontinental railroad and settled in Omaha. These concerts blend music literacy and cultural competency skills as we connect the music, they learn to play with us to the neighborhoods of Omaha. The innovative traditions of Margre Durhan's Concerts for Youth continue with seamless integration of music and academic curriculum, dazzling visual media, and engaging interactive structures that are adaptable to singing or playing along. 

Volunteers are needed to help before and after performances. You will help kids get off the bus and help navigate the teachers to their correct seats in the hall and observe the kid's participation.

Volunteer for Concerts for Youth


Fiona the Flamingo Family Concert (Feb 11, 2024)

Help Fiona learn to be proud of – and accept – all of her feelings and colors in this concert-telling of the book by Rachael Urrutia Chu, with music by Beethoven.

Volunteers will assist families in making the craft and exploring instruments in the instrument petting zoo.

Volunteer for Fiona the Flamingo


Carnival of the Animals Family Concert (March 24, 2024)

The Omaha Symphony and the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium team up for a concert designed to capture the imagination of children, whether they swim serenely like fish or bound around like kangaroos!

Volunteers will assist families in making the craft and exploring instruments in the instrument petting zoo.

Volunteer for Carnival of the Animals


Mission Imagination (Feb 26- May 15, 2024)

Mission Imagination combines a child's love of storytelling with the power of symphonic music in an up-close and playful setting. The program's dynamic format puts kids in the center of the action, making them active participants in their own learning. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is preparing to premiere his latest composition with the Omaha Symphony. Disaster strikes when a freak accident during rehearsal causes Mozart to lose his memory! With the concert only moments away, students team up with the Maestro and the orchestra to rush to Mozart’s aid, teaching him how to be a conductor. Together, they learn about pitch, tempo, dynamics and accompaniment to help Mozart complete his work.

Volunteers will assist in getting schools off the bus and to the concert location. We often need assistance in seating kids when large groups arrive at once. During the concert, volunteers fill out observation sheets to gauge student participation and enthusiasm for the program.

Volunteer for Mission Imagination


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