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Home Builders Blitz: A five-day sprint!

Habitat Omaha’s 12th annual Home Builders Blitz was September 16-20, a five-day sprint to build 12 homes in Kountze Park.

Read this recap and
raise your own hammer to volunteer.

Eight community-loving builders arrived in Kountze Park with trailers of materials and skilled teams to take homes from foundation to drywall in five days. Callaway HomesKiewitLund-Ross ConstructorsMcLeay Building CompanyMCL Construction, Snider Construction Company, Turner Construction and Vantage Design & Construction teams ignored the 90-degree heat and focused on their mission: affordable housing for all and a revitalized neighborhood.

Every hour the view of the block changed. New drywall here, a roof raised there, the talent and size of the builder crews made lightening fast progress possible. Working and learning alongside the tradesmen were future Habitat Omaha homeowners, passionately fulfilling their required ‘sweat equity’ hours.

“Welcome to my living room,” said one future homeowner as he proudly surveyed the surrounding studs.

Soon, the home would be his, with an affordable 30-year fixed interest rate mortgage thanks to the sweat and support of strangers turned friends.

Some of these friends weren’t members of builder teams, but rather individuals with a heart for serving others. Ethan, who recently moved back to Omaha, joined Habitat Omaha for his third day of volunteering.

“They are building all of these homes in a single week and it has been really exciting to see everything come together,” said Ethan, who contributed to trash clean up and recycling efforts.

Just as the sound of nail guns was constant throughout the week, so was the encouragement of Gracie, a longtime neighborhood resident who comes day after day to help in any way she can.

“Habitat means the world to me,” emphasized Gracie. “It’s all about love and kindness. If Habitat needs me, I’m ready.”

For years, Gracie has welcomed Habitat Omaha crews and volunteers at Kountze Park builds. Her service has earned her the title “The Boss” and her positive spirit is emblematic of the hope Habitat Omaha offers.

After five days, Builders Blitz 2019 was a wrap. The builder crews reached the finish line. Now, their hammers are extended, like a baton, to those who are ready to serve next.

Are you “ready”, like Gracie, to help Habitat Omaha? Artisans and crafters can volunteer their talent to create meaningful housewarming gifts, you can purchase a much-needed item from Habitat Omaha’s Amazon wish list, or you can donate money to help Habitat Omaha continue to increase affordable housing options in the Omaha metro.

Thank you for helping our neighbors.
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