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#GivingEveryTuesday: Incarceration

Each Tuesday, SHARE Omaha features a unique cause theme for #GivingEveryTuesday and encourages our community to give and support in any way we can! This week's #GivingEveryTuesday theme is Incarceration. Help support local nonprofits addressing incarceration with a gift today.


Alternatives to Violence Project - Omaha 

Suzanne of Alternatives to Violence Project - Omaha shares, "The reintegration process for returning neighbors begins months or years before they leave incarceration. Donating to nonprofits contributing to successful community living benefits everyone - the community, the incarcerated citizens, as well as the correctional staff assisting with the transition from confinement."

Omaha AVP sponsors incarcerated citizen preparing to return to the community on cultural and community reintegration field trips. The 4 hour events provide participants opportunities to learn pro-social skills for successful community living that are so different from those needed to survive in prison. AVP offers baby steps to building a new life, valuing one's self and belonging in the community again.

"Omaha AVP is fully volunteer led; we have not payroll overhead. All donations support conflict transformation workshops and community outings which directly benefits to currently or previously incarcerated citizens. Donations of event tickets, training supplies and funding for meals during community excursions are greatly appreciated," says Suzanne. 

Donate to Alternatives to Violence Project - Omaha


MORE: Movement in Omaha for Racial Equity

MORE: Movement in Omaha for Racial Equity shares, "How we treat children and families is a measure of our society. With your donation to MORE, you help advocate for system wide changes to juvenile justice in Douglas County that prioritize child and family wellbeing above a kiddie jail that disproportionately punishes, stigmatizes, and traumatizes Black children, Indigenous children, and other Children of Color."

Movement in Omaha for Racial Equity (MORE) makes the metro a better place by demanding an end to racism. They do that by nurturing anti-racist civic engagement and education, fostering racial accountability among government and community organizations, and promoting equal opportunity for all people.

"MORE needs you and others in our community to support organizations like ours that are led by Black people, Indigenous people, and other People of Color. With your gift to MORE right now, you uplift and amplify a community wide call to action to end racism and create meaningful change right now and into the future."

Donate to MORE


Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska

Peggy Reisher of Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska shares, "Donations help break the cycle of incarceration, aiding recovery and empowering individuals to rebuild their lives."  

Brain injuries can affect the ability to control one's behavior, emotions and reactions. Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska focuses on justice-involved youth. When an adolescent's TBI is identified and treatment is modified, it reduces conflict, increases safety and enhances academic performance and involvement. 

The Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska is enhancing the metro area by providing essential resources, support, and education to individuals with brain injuries and their families. By fostering peer connections, advocating for brain injury awareness, and offering specialized training to community professionals, they are building a more inclusive and supportive community for all.  

"We need increased community awareness and support for brain injury issues to ensure that individuals with brain injuries receive the necessary resources and care. Greater awareness leads to better understanding, more effective advocacy, and enhanced support networks, ultimately improving the quality of life for those affected," says Peggy.

Donate to Brain Injury Alliance of Nebraska


Project Reset

Abby Kossow of Project Reset shares, "Providing support to families affected by incarceration helps increase their physical, mental, and financial health, and their overall stability. Healthy families lead to healthy communities."

Project Reset creates opportunities for justice involved individuals to strengthen their financial health through high wage high benefit careers in the trades. These careers not only benefit the individual but create stability for their families and promote generational wealth.

"Your continued support is needed to places like Project Reset. Programs like ours provide opportunities for individuals to change the trajectory of their lives. Together we can help individuals reach their full potential," says Abby.

Donate to Project Reset

Project Reset

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