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Donor Spotlight: Denise

April 7, 2021    in
This blog guest-written by Denise Powell of Alley Poyner Macchietto Architecture

My husband and I moved to Omaha 12 years ago. I’m originally from Miami, Florida and the daughter of Cuban and Chilean immigrants. My parents were (and continue to be) advocates for the Latino community, and passionate supporters or the arts, instilling in their children a duty to support and invest in our communities. As an adult trying to find my footing in this world, I became more aware of the barriers many women – particularly women of color - face professionally and personally. In Omaha I found it easier to connect with people doing work in the spaces I cared more about.

I’ve learned more about the unique and varying issues impacting under-resourced communities and how organizations and individuals in town are working to address them.

While my husband and I love to support many organizations, I’m particularly passionate about three that I have the honor of serving with as a board member: Immigrant Legal Center (ILC), Women’s Center for Advancement (WCA), and Amplify Arts.
I first learned about these organizations through other friends and started engaging with them by attending events and making small donations during Omaha Gives or Giving Tuesday. The more I connected with each organization, the more I discovered new opportunities to get involved, from clothing drives, to Facebook Birthday Fundraisers, to sponsoring specific events.

What started with a simple Omaha Gives donation has led to five years as a board member for both ILC and Amplify Arts, and one year of board service for the WCA.

There are so many wonderful non-profits in town and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed about the needs. For me, finding organizations that align with the issues I’m most passionate about is the key. Supporting immigrant families, building a thriving art community in Omaha, and supporting survivors of sexual violence as they work to gain self-sufficiency are subjects that matter to me on a deeply personal level.

Focusing the bulk of my giving and time contributions on these organizations allows me to see the impact my dollars are making in spaces I care about. is a great resource for learning about the many different organizations in town AND for learning about different ways you can support them.

SHARE Omaha invites you to take inspiration from Denise and give to the causes that matter to you. Give now