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Ambassadors for Giving Tuesday lead with joy

For the first time ever, a group of local Giving Tuesday Ambassadors are prepping to hit the streets on November 29th! These kind-hearted folks have spent the last few weeks asking themselves what they care about, what change they want to see, and what they can do to move the metro forward this Giving Tuesday. It’s been inspiring to hear about what led them to choose their projects!

Carrie, Maryana, Rashelle, Melissa, Brittany, Darcie, Jamin, Jessica, Lisa, Roxanne, Holly, Danielle, Erin, Jack, Brenda and Jessica are spending these last few days before Giving Tuesday promoting their projects with joy.

Holly says, “I chose to join this committee and be more involved simply because there is always more to be done to do good in the world.”

Some of these projects, like Brenda’s blood drive for her coworkers at Bank of the West, are focused on rallying their workplace or network toward a common goal to benefit a local charitable cause.  

"Personally, I am a blood recipient,” shares Brenda. “I had a health situation that required two units of blood. From that time forward I started to find ways to donate blood to the American Red Cross.”

Other projects are open to the public, like these below, and could use your support!

Will you join in…

Anyone can be an ambassador. If an idea strikes you today that you want to take on, do it! You too can raise support, service and dollars for a cause that matters to you.

Learn more about Giving Tuesday at 

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