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Do Good Days inspires giving every day

Written by Katie Fourney    on May 24, 2022    in

Do Good Days, powered by SHARE Omaha wrapped up on Thursday, May 19, 2022. Every dollar raised, item given, and volunteer hour served during the campaign benefitted a local nonprofit doing vital work in our community. Thank you for giving your all in support of your favorite local causes!

“Our gratitude for gifts of support and service is immense. All those donations of time, dollars and items make a difference and can start powerful relationships between nonprofits and community members. We are so thankful for the generosity shown,” said Marjorie Maas, executive director of SHARE Omaha.

Cash donations reported at this point total $1.6 million given and are a compilation of dollars through foundations, direct giving to nonprofit organizations and the SHARE Omaha website. There was an increase of new donors, 25% in 2021 to 33% this year, discovering a new-to-them organization to support through SHARE Omaha’s website.

Explore ways to get involved during Do Good Days

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 21, 2022    in

As the weather warms up, we’re feeling excited to get out and help out. And with Do Good Days coming up on May 17-19, now is the time to start planning to do good. In addition to deciding where to donate money or contribute to wish lists, we’re detailing all you need to know to start planning for Do Good Days, including your Volun-Thursday experience (May 19). 

Find your cause

Whether you plan to donate directly, purchase wish list items or volunteer (we recommend all three!), the first step to doing good is deciding where you’d like to give your resources and energy. 

Do Good Days: Start planning your acts of good!

Written by Katie Fourney    on March 24, 2022    in
The past two years haven’t been easy. Individuals, families and organizations have all been stretched thin in one way or another. But despite what we often see in movies, where characters become selfish and individualistic in the face of disruption and challenges, we know that’s not the case in our community.

Doing good is valued here.

In addition to the small acts of kindness we see each day, like neighbors checking in and looking out for one another, we also know that, together, we’re capable of incredible collective giving efforts. Last year, when SHARE Omaha asked our community to be a part of the first ever Do Good campaign, you answered our call: $2.5 million was raised through donations to nonprofits, including matching gifts. 1,874 items were donated for Wish List Wednesday. 1,247 people got involved on Volun-Thursday for a combined 2,885 hours.

Pumpkin spice lattes are here, let’s volunteer!

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 2, 2019    in
Get in the Fall spirit and warm your heart with these easy volunteer opportunities in the Omaha metro.  

Volunteer a few hours at a Fall or Halloween Event
Smores, trunk-or-treats and a “haunted” train, these are signs Fall has arrived! These upcoming events need volunteers to offer just a few hours of their time. Sign up below. Ghoul have a spooky good time.

                Hummel Harvest Nights – 10/11/19 and 10/18/19
                Neighboorhood Tour: Bensonhurst - 10/12/19 and 10/13/19

A Recap of April's (do)GOOD month

Written by Katie Fourney    on May 8, 2019    in
Wow, Omaha metro! You sure know how to do good.

Each year, National Volunteer Week falls in April. But we know the needs of the metro are too overwhelming to contain in one week. So, SHARE Omaha declared April (do)GOOD month in the Omaha metro. And wow, you really embraced this month of volunteerism!

Individuals raised their hands to help Omaha Rapid Response and Food Bank for the Heartland with flood relief. To walk animals at Midlands Humane Society, drive for Meals on Wheels and join the Dreamweaver Foundation Dream Team.

April is (do)GOOD month! How will you serve?

Written by Katie Fourney    on April 1, 2019    in
Each year, National Volunteer Week falls in April. But the needs of the metro are too overwhelming to contain in one week. So, SHARE Omaha is declaring April (do)GOOD month in the Omaha metro! 

Will you commit to volunteer in April for (do)GOOD month?
You can start small, sampling an opportunity on SHARE Omaha. Or, in true metro fashion, you can go big. Get your whole office involved or take on a project that uses your skills to the fullest. No matter how you choose to start, send your interest to one of our local nonprofits today.

You can also connect with us in person at a (do)GOOD month event to identify your ideal volunteer opportunity or learn more about serving on a board of a nonprofit. Claim your free tickets now!

SHARE Omaha to recruit new community volunteers at the YP Summit

Written by Katie Fourney    on March 4, 2019    in
The Greater Omaha Chamber's YP Summit challenges the way you think, provides you with new tools and inspires you to put them into action. One of the new tools available to the metro? SHAREomaha.org.

On March 15th at the the 2019 YP Summit, SHARE Omaha will engage with Summit attendees in the pre-function space. Attendees will use SHAREomaha.org to initiate positive, community-enhancing change. Attendees who pledge to participate in a SHARE Omaha volunteer opportunity during April’s (do)GOOD month will receive a free tee while supplies last.


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