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You did GOOD for DIBS for Kids!

Written by Katie Fourney    on May 14, 2020    in
Many hands make quick work! During KETV’s Giving Wednesday, SHARE Omaha put out a notice that DIBS for Kids needed help labeling and stuffing thousands of reading folders for the next school year. Within just hours, dozens of volunteers said ‘count me in’ and the need was filled.

DIBS (Deliver Infinite Book Shelves) for Kids is a children’s literacy program that offers innovative lending technology to little classroom libraries, serving 13 elementary schools and over 3,000 children. Each year, thousands of reading folders with parent letters and book logs are needed, requiring DIBS for Kids staff to spend precious hours assembling folders.

When the COVID-19 pandemic closed schools and many businesses, DIBS for Kids and SHARE Omaha thought there might be a handful of volunteers who could use their spare time to take a box or two of folders home and make a dent in the massive wall of undone boxes. But when KETV Newswatch 7 mentioned the volunteer opportunity on-air, a massive wave of volunteer interest was received. During the evening news broadcast DIBS for Kids executive director, David Orrick, shared his stunned gratitude that all of the undone boxes were claimed.

One volunteer, Tina, shared that “it was great to find a way to volunteer from my home during this time of social distancing.  I have grandkids is the school system so it was extra special knowing that I could be helping one of them develop a greater love for reading.”

“I always like to give back in some way. I volunteer at two different facilities but of course, right now, that is not allowed. When I heard of SHARE Omaha volunteering opportunities I thought that would be the perfect way to give back at this time. I love kids and helping kids so this is why I choose this project. Thank you for allowing me to help,” said Kathryn, another volunteer.

Stephanie said, “I enjoyed spending time with my daughter doing something special for other kids. We both had fun putting DIBS for Kids folders together. I told my daughter that volunteering your time is one of the most humbling feelings in the world!”


“I enjoyed doing it!” said Michele Hull.  “I work in an elementary school and I read a lot with my kiddos, so since we're out of school and I miss my kiddos terribly, this just seemed like the right thing to do. Reading is so important to kiddos at this age and kids are very fortunate to have this program available to them!”

Your willingness to serve our community is amazing, Omaha/Council Bluffs metro. Thank you for continuing to inspire us!

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