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Volunteer Voices: Doreen, The Rose Theater volunteer

I was curious, what is it like to help with a school show at The Rose Theater? My son has a field trip scheduled for next month and I could just imagine how many hands it takes to keep the theater from descending into pure chaos. Last week, I gave two hours of my time as a school show usher and got to see the magic first hand. 

The Rose Theater staff, with the help of their dedicated volunteers, run a well-oiled machine! Kids were led from busses to their seats, buzzing with excitement and full of questions. To say the kids were mesmerized by the show, Bob Marley's Three Little Birds, is an under statement!

Doreen is one of the steady volunteers who engages with these curious students and helps keep the chaos to a minimum. I wanted to hear more about her experiences: 

Katie: What brought you to volunteering at The Rose Theater?

Doreen: I worked at Creighton University and I was the liaison for their drive to sell tickets. I visited the Theater, got to walk on the catwalk and they showed us behind the scenes. It was so exciting and I just wanted to be a part of it! 

So, I signed up to help with a school show and seeing the kids’ faces when they come in here… Some of them have never been here before. I just I love that part. 

Sometimes I don't think I can put into words how I feel when I volunteer. Because I think I'm helping them. You know, they asked me to come and help. And then when I'm here, it's like they're helping me because I get such a good feeling. 

Katie: What are you getting out of volunteering?

Doreen: It’s the helping. You know, you talked today about the value of a volunteer and what it means to a nonprofit. When you hear things like that, how can you not volunteer? You know, it doesn't take a lot of time. At The Rose Theater, you can sign up for the hours that you're available to work. I really I love it and I love doing the kids shows. A lot of kids would not have the opportunity to see live theater. 

Volunteer as a School Show Usher

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