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Volunteer Voices: Carl, Do Space volunteer

One thing stands out to me about Carl, a Do Space Cyber Seniors volunteer. Carl creates community. 

Throughout the stories Carl shared with me about his younger years to his community service as a retiree, there was common thread. Carl looks for opportunities to connect with others and foster belonging. 

Carl has volunteered over 1,000 hours for Do Space's Cyber Seniors program, which seeks to increase digital literacy among the Omaha metro's senior population by providing one-on-one tech help for Do Space members 55+.  The Cyber Seniors volunteers are also 55+, and their life experience gives them insight into the challenges of learning technology that was unavailable during their formative years.  

Hear from Carl about why he chooses to spend his time with the Cyber Seniors crew:

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 Trish, a fellow Do Space Cyber Senior volunteer shares, "At Do Space I can use my particular skill set and experience to solve someone’s problem.  It’s very rewarding and fun.  They usually leave happy and so do I. I remember one man who arrived with a giant smile of his face holding up the latest and greatest iPhone.  He was 86 years old and had upgraded from a flip phone.  In a situation like this I usually first ask, 'Can you make a phone call?'  He said he could.  Then I ask, 'What are the top three things I can help you with today?'  He wanted to know how to take a picture.  How to text.  And how to text the picture.  He was such a delight." 

"If you have backaches, knee aches or other aches, none of that hurts when you are helping someone.  Someone comes in with what seems an insurmountable problem and you get to help.  And they go away with tools to solve tech problems themselves," says Trish. 

Another Cyber Senior volunteer, Tim, says, "Volunteering is important, because it enables me to share some of the advantages that I have had with others who have not had the benefits that I have had.  It also keeps my brain active and keeps me from a sedentary and non-engaged life.  Thus, it is good for both my physical and mental health." 

Joseph, a member of the Cyber Senior volunteer crew, shares this final thought: "Volunteer at things you love to do and share that knowledge with others, you may change and inspire someone forever."

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