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State of local fundraising and what your dollars can do


On October 23, 2023, we asked SHARE Omaha nonprofit members two questions: How does your fundraising compare to this time in 2022 and how many new $100 donors do you need?

Thanks to the 149 respondents, this is what we learned:

State of Fundraising


The majority of local nonprofit respondents say that their fundraising is down compared to this time in 2022.

However, here's the great news!

Over 80% of nonprofits say they need fewer than 200 new $100 donors to raise the finances needed to continue their vital work in our neighborhoods.

This is so do-able! It is where we all come in, giving together to turn gifts of all sizes into bigger giving than we've ever seen before. If each one of us raises our hands to give what we can, to what we care about... Imagine.

Take a moment to consider the new-to-you causes you've thought about supporting. And the amazing nonprofits you see changing our region for the better. What can you contribute? Every gift, no matter the size, builds the forward momentum our metro needs.

Just a few examples of what your dollars can do:

3Sisters: A $15 donation can make getting to work possible for three days for a program participant. Add to your donation cart

A Mother's Love: A $25 donation can provide families the hygiene items they need to build confidence in the family. Add to your donation cart

Abide: A $30 donation can provide a child with a brand new toy this season. Add to your donation cart

Accepted Food Bank: A $20 donation can feed a child for a month. Add to your donation cart

Access Period: A $80 donation can provide a one-year supply of period products for one person. Add to your donation cart

ACLU of Nebraska: A $100 donation can impact litigation, policy advocacy and public education. Add to your donation cart

African American Empowerment Network: A $100 donation can help purchase supplies and curriculum books for the Step-Up Omaha interns. Add to your donation cart

Autism Center of Nebraska: A $20 donation can buy art supplies possible for The Art Garden, allowing ACN artisans to create, craft, market, and sell their work and move toward economic self-sufficiency. Add to your donation cart

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland: A $50 donation can microchip one dog. Add to your donation cart

Bethlehem House: A $100 donation can provide 3 months of laundry detergent for the house. Add to your donation cart

BFF Omaha: A $100 donation can buy supplies for BFF's Free Little Art Center. Add to your donation cart

Blue Bucket Project: A $100 donation can make 5 litter pick up kits. Add to your donation cart

Brigit Saint Brigit Theatre Company: A $100 donation can underwrite one month of rehearsal space. Add to your donation cart

Children's Scholarship Fund of Omaha: A $1,500 donation can support the average scholarship for one student. Add to your donation cart

Code Black Professional Tech Network: A $50.00 donation can provide testing vouchers, study material and supplies. Add to your donation cart

Completely KIDS: A $12 donation will feed a child for a weekend - often the only food available. Add to your donation cart

Concord Mediation Center: A $50 donation can support programming that enables youth to participate in conferencing that addresses community harms via use of community surrogates. Add to your donation cart


It's not too early to give for Giving Tuesday! What local nonprofits will you support?

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