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#ShopforGood: Hunger

Did you know when you "Shop for Good" you are sending local nonprofits the items they need to make their missions possible in our community? This week our theme this week is Hunger. These are just a few items you can send to make a difference with just a few clicks:

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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is in need of breakfast items – cereals (both cold and hot); pancake mixes; etc.  "Our supply is running very low in this particular food sector," says Salvation Army. 

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New Visions Homeless Services

"Currently, blankets and foam mats are some of our most-needed items as we are sleeping overflow in our emergency shelter each night," says New Visions Homeless Services.

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Completely KIDS

"Some of the items that will make the most impact for our Weekend Food Program are Spaghetti Sauce, Pasts Noodles, Vegetable Cups, Fruit Cups, Apple and Eve Juice, Horizon Milk, Honest Kids Juice, Graham Crackers, Chef Boyardee Cups, Canned Beans, Chicken Salad Pouches, Tuna Pouches, Sunbelt Granola Bars, Individual Cereal Boxes, Goldfish Crackers, Applesauce, Clif Z Bars, Skinny or Smart Pop, Mac n Cheese, Pretzels, Chex Mix, Raisins, Yogurt Covered Raisins, Fruit Snacks," says Completely KIDS.

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Shop for nonprofits addressing Hunger


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