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#ShopforGood: Early Childhood Education

Did you know when you "Shop for Good" you are sending local nonprofits the items they need to make their missions possible in our community? This week our theme this week is Early Childhood Education. These are just a few items you can send to make a difference with just a few clicks:

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Child Saving Institute

"Currently, the items most needed are unopened diapers and pull-ups (all sizes). Whether its an infant in the early childhood education program with their parents in the Teen & Young Parent Program or a child in the Triage Center, we rely on these donations to ensure infants, children and families receive the proper hygiene that they deserve," says Child Saving Institute.  

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"We can always use AA and AAA batteries! We go through so many with all of the toys, adaptive devices and more that we have!" says CRCC

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High Hopes Foundation

"Right now, our greatest needs from our wish list are chairs to replace some that we have that are at the end of their life cycle," says High Hopes Foundation.  

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Kids Can Community Center

"Our little ones love to read! Pick any book from our list and we promise it will get put to good use," says Kids Can Community Center.

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