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#ShopforGood: Black-led, Black-benefiting nonprofits

Did you know when you "Shop for Good" you are sending local nonprofits the items they need to make their missions possible in our community? This week our theme is Black-led, Black-benefiting nonprofits. These are just a few items you can send to make a difference with just a few clicks:


The Union for Contemporary Art

The Union for Contemporary Art is always looking for support for Youth Engagement. There are items on their amazon wish list that help ensure that they can continue to be an educational resource for all guests.

Shop The Union's wish list



Abide's Spring Clean Up is coming up! You can purchase wish list items to help equip Abide leaders + lighthouse leaders to beautify their blocks on this day and every day this year. "Let's beautify the neighborhoods of North Omaha together. Thank you in advance for your generosity," says Abide.

Shop Abide's wish list


And More!


Hear more from local Black-led, Black-benefiting nonprofits

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