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New Giving Tuesday bonus fund sparks support for local nonprofits

SHARE Omaha and SHARE Iowa are raising the excitement around upcoming Giving Tuesday bonus fund, currently totaling $62,500!             

What: Todd Simon, CEO of Omaha Steaks, has joined with SHARE Omaha and SHARE Iowa to raise a Giving Tuesday bonus fund for nonprofits. Together, Simon, SHARE Omaha and SHARE Iowa are encouraging other businesses and executives in the metro to join in this effort to build the donor base for nonprofits, which will receive bonus money based on the number of contributors. Other committed organizations include Paul and Annette Smith, Bridges Trust, Farm Credit Services of America, Kiewit, PayPal and E Creative, as of October 28th. 

Participating nonprofits on Giving Tuesday can tap into the bonus fund, which helps to incentivize individual givers and encourages new donations. Nonprofits will receive a percentage of the total bonus fund equivalent to the percentage of donors they receive, rather than the amount of dollars raised, up to 10% of the total fund. Bonus dollars empower donors who give in smaller amounts by allowing them to boost the impact of their donation.

Companies in the greater Omaha metro and western Iowa interested in learning more about this opportunity can contact Marjorie Maas at, or for Iowa-based businesses, Donna Dostal at

Additionally, the Community Foundation for Western Iowa has a $250,000 pool of funds for a 20% match on gifts to endowment funds within the Community Foundation. The 20% match is on gifts up to $100,000 per fund, and after the pool is used, the match will go to 10%. See who has endowed funds with the Community Foundation for Western Iowa at or reach out to Kelly Dix at

Why: Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. In this region, it’s the biggest giving day of the year and the most significant opportunity to raise support for more than 700 local nonprofits. It generated $5.5 million for organizations in 2021. To continue to build on this level of community investment, the bonus fund is expected to elevate the metro-wide campaign even further on Nov. 29.


About SHARE Omaha: SHARE Omaha was created by local philanthropists to help area nonprofits fulfill their missions by recruiting donors to share money, material goods and time. Over 700 nonprofits are registered on the SHARE Omaha platform, a one-stop donation platform SHARE Omaha does not charge any fees to nonprofits and does not keep any portion of what is donated. The SHARE Omaha platform is available 365 days a year so everyone can do good every day at

About SHARE Iowa: SHARE Iowa, newly formed in 2022, is a one-stop donation platform for sowing good to nonprofits in nine counties throughout Western Iowa. Powered by the Community Foundation for Western Iowa, SHARE Iowa connects neighbors to easy ways of doing good through financial giving, in-kind donations of items and volunteerism. Iowans now have more opportunities to yield positive outcomes in their communities and learn more about organizations that impact people in their neighborhoods, towns, cities and state. Through, nonprofits can raise awareness about their missions, harvest generous resources and grow support.

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