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Military Appreciation Month: Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation

This month, SHARE Omaha is honoring Military Appreciation Month by recognizing our troops and veterans, and amplifying our nonprofit members who support them. And of course, these incredible organization who support Military, need your support as well!

I had the pleasure of speaking with Lisa and JR of the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation. The mission of the Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is to develop, construct and maintain a memorial dedicated to the memory and sacrifices of all Nebraska Vietnam Veterans, and provide a historical account for future generations. This Memorial is an urgent and important act of honor and gratitude to those who served, to those who lost their lives, and to the Nebraska families that have sacrificed so much because of the Vietnam War. It will also serve as an important educational resource to teachers and families in Nebraska and, because of the virtual accessibility of the education components, to people around the world.

Learn more about the memorial and how you can support the work:

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