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Diana: Why you should #SHAREitForward

Diana Gleisberg is a passionate volunteer, world traveler, concert enthusiast and massive Nebraska fan. Connect with her on Facebook and Instagram, @volunteeromaha.

We can all change the world. You've heard it before, but it's true. Mother Teresa, Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr all began as ordinary citizens who felt called to serve and make an impact. And as their vision caught on they were able to inspire communities, political leaders, religious institutions and everyday humans to join them in their movement. 

I invite you to join the #SHAREitForward movement, right here in the Omaha metro. Select a metro nonprofit, do good and share. It's simple.
If you’re like me you're blessed to be healthy, have a roof over your head, food in your kitchen, and clothes in your closet. We are fortunate. What about the children who are suffering from abuse, those that are sick, teenagers who don’t have mentors and the homeless who don’t know where their next meal is coming from? What if you can do something today to make an impact right now? 
How can YOU save the world, your world, right here in the Omaha area? By giving of your time or treasure you will be supporting a local nonprofit agency. Your impact will not only be felt at the charity of your choosing, but this will ripple through your community. Your children, neighbors, coworkers and religious congregations will see the impact. Your example will be inspirational and the effects will multiply.
How can change happen so quickly? If you join the #SHAREitForward Challenge and invite just 3 friends to join, and they invite 3 more friends and so on, in 20 cycles of sharing it forward over 3 billion people will have been reached! You really can change the world: sharing one act of kindness, one person at a time. 
The Omaha metro needs our support. 76.5% of Omaha Public School students are on free and reduced lunch. Over 400,000 meals are served yearly to the homeless. Let's not stand for a community that sees the need, but does nothing. Let's do something.
I challenge you to join me and help reinvent what it means to give and serve in the Omaha metro. Let's #SHAREitForward.
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