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Century-long community leader Omaha Steaks spearheads $67,500 bonus fund

This blog is guest written by Omaha Steaks. Learn more about Giving Tuesday:

As America’s Original Butcher and a century-long community leader, Omaha Steaks has always felt a responsibility to our communities that goes deeper than providing the best gourmet food experience of their lives. It’s a responsibility born out of the belief that the only way we can truly thrive is if we all thrive together – and accomplishing that has been our passion since 1917.

One of the ways we honor that dedication is by participating in Giving Tuesday – a global charitable movement to allow us to truly serve our communities as we celebrate the holiday season.

Occurring annually on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, it gives both individuals and businesses the opportunity to get into the spirit of generosity and support their communities through enhanced donations to the local nonprofits that need it most.

We believe it’s not only important to incorporate SHARE Omaha’s Giving Tuesday into our charitable community efforts, but to also act as lead sponsor and launch a Business for Giving leadership group to raise donations for this year’s Bonus Fund.

By collaborating with like-minded community leaders and local businesses, Omaha Steaks has spearheaded a group contribution that has reached $67,500 to-date. But we’re not stopping there. Omaha Steaks will continue our efforts to incentivize individual givers, spark new donations, and grow gifts over time until we reach our six-figure fund goal!

One of the reasons we’re so excited to participate in the Giving Tuesday Bonus Fund is its unique donation approach. Rather than awarding the total donor dollar amount, donations are distributed based on the percentage of donors to each nonprofit organization. This approach reinforces the value of every giver and highlights the importance of growing the organization’s overall donor pool. 

Through this approach, nonprofit participants in our region will receive a percentage of the Giving Tuesday Bonus Fund that equates to the percentage of donors they receive (not to exceed 10 percent of the total funds raised). Additionally, through a commitment to incentivize new relationships with givers, new donors will earn their selected charity(ies) "1.25 points”, increasing the funds they will receive!

Adding an even more exciting and generous element to this community-strengthening opportunity, donations made during “Power Hours” on November 29 (10 – 11am, 1 – 2pm, and 4 – 5pm) will be worth 1.5 and 1.75 “points” for returning donors and new donors, respectively.

This approach enables donors to stretch our dollar even further and ensures a more equitable distribution across all deserving organizations.

If you’d like to support the nonprofit organizations that work so hard 365 days a year to provide vital services and opportunities to our friends and neighbors, it's not too late to participate in the Giving Tuesday Bonus Fund! Omaha Steaks has already given $25,000 to support our community and we welcome other community-minded leaders to join us in these funding efforts. Send your note of interest to today. 

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