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Big news: Giving Tuesday (Dec. 3) is powered by SHARE Omaha!

Written by Katie Fourney    on October 22, 2019    in
Imagine if we each did a single act of good. How much good can we do?

Let’s find out December 3rd for Giving Tuesday, powered by SHARE Omaha!

WHAT:​ A metro-wide, do good takeover — Giving Tuesday, powered by SHARE Omaha.

WHEN:​ Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2019

HOW: ​Each of us, contributing a single act of real-life good — throughout the Omaha metro, into our world. Volunteer, donate, surprise someone with kindness — just put positivity out there. And watch it take over.
SHARE Omaha is bringing the international Giving Tuesday movement home with for Nebraska supporters and for Iowa.

Find ideas, causes and plan your good now!
When you’re ready, officially declare you’ll be a Do Gooder for Giving Tuesday!

Share your plans on social media using hashtags #GivingTuesday402 and #GivingTuesday712 and invite your friends to join the metro-wide legion of Do Gooders, too.

How will YOU do good on Dec. 3?
Read the next blog to hear more about how and will inspire you to do good in your own backyard!