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AFSP Volunteers are Lifesavers

Written by Katie Fourney    on September 9, 2019    in
Every volunteer comes to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Nebraska with a deeply personal reason for becoming involved. Often, these lifesavers are propelled to spread suicide prevention awareness because of their own pain.

AFSP is working to prevent the second leading cause of death for Nebraskans age 15-34 and ninth leading cause of death for all age groups. Their work saves lives and brings hope to those affected by suicide through suicide prevention trainings, community outreach and mental health advocacy.

Volunteers like Mark and Jenn make every hour count because of a desire to let others know that they are not alone.

Mark met AFSP in April at the Volunteer & Beer Fair. He now assists with public events in honor of his sister and close friend, both lost to suicide within 6 months of each other. He’s found comfort in this group of supportive peers.

“No matter who you are or where you come from you can be affected by mental health issues. It’s important that we let people know that they aren’t alone and help is accessible,” says Mark.

Jenn gives her time to ensure that her father’s death was not in vain.

“AFSP has given purpose to my pain and introduced me to a new family who I can share my thoughts, fears and emotions about this unique journey I am now on after the loss of my father,” says Jenn. “They inspire me to push harder, break out of my comfort zone and do things I never imagined I would do.”

The AFSP family rarely talks about what they can’t do. They are always setting new goals and pushing harder to save lives and spread hope.

“This is our way of healing and providing hope to those like our loved ones who couldn't find it when they needed it,” says Jenn.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Nebraska says they need more voices from all backgrounds to join them in this mission. 
Here are three easy ways to support AFSP’s suicide prevention efforts:
  1. Give money. Donate to AFSP here.
  1. Buy Life Savers. Wait, the candy? Yes, AFSP uses hundreds of pounds of Life Savers every year at parades and public events to spread suicide prevention awareness. Purchase a five-pound bag of Life Savers for about $18 through AFSP’s wish list and the sweets will ship directly to AFSP. After you check out at Amazon, send AFSP an email at with your contact information so they know who to thank! Shop AFSP’s wish list here.
  1. Volunteer with AFSP. Look through AFSP’s volunteer opportunity postings to find your perfect fit. Apply to volunteer with AFSP here.