MAC Foundation

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Ms. Karine Sokpoh, President
Primary Contact Name
Midlands African Chamber
Main Address

Suite 100
OMAHA, NE 68134
United States

What We Do

The MAC Foundation is the fundraising arm of the Midlands African Chamber (MAC) which empowers, connects, and champions diverse businesses. To learn more about the chamber, visit

Mission: MAC Foundation’s mission is to connect, empower and elevate underrepresented entrepreneurs.

Values: MAC Foundation believes in empowering, connecting and elevating underserved entrepreneurs and promoting cultural awareness, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Vision: Equal economic opportunity for all.

The MAC Foundation understands that we must create more opportunities for those most impacted by social and economic disparities and gender inequalities, those most vulnerable individuals, and those who face challenges in finding mentorship opportunities, access to capital, education, and leadership training. The Foundation recognizes the important role that black and brown leaders play in their communities as civic leaders, caregivers, and role models. MAC further believes that economic advancement and lifting of our African and African American communities from poverty will be positively impacted by this program. MAC is pleased to offer the Rising CEOs and Suit Up programs, which equip teens for entry into the business world. Suit Up provides them with business attire and a headshot.


Interesting Info
  • We provide business financial literacy, technology and leadership trainings to youth and young adults. We also support the Pitch Black Accelerator Program.
  • We serve the African and African American communities, and immigrants and refugees in Nebraska.
  • We want to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities to grow their own business.
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