Embracing the ICU

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Christi Rath
Primary Contact Name
Christi Rath
Main Address

CEO Private Office
6210 S 38th St
Omaha, NE 68107
United States

What We Do

We advocate, educate, and support families with children in the ICU.

There are four initiatives that we currently facilitate.

1. Holidays at the Hospital - We partner with local restaurants and bakeries to provide treats and meals to parents in the NICU on the holidays.  In order to let parents know that they are not forgotten and allow them to have some sort of normalcy during the holiday.

2. Parent to Parent - Help parents to advocate for their children and themselves through networking opportunities, pod casts (in progress), and blogs.  We also provide local resources for parents for other organizations that can support their specific needs during and after their ICU journey. 

3. Tribe Vibe -  We have partnered with local companies to provide laundry and cleaning services to families.  In order to allow them to spend more time with their children in the ICU, prepare their home before bringing home a medically fragile child, and to relieve a little of the stress of their journey.  We hope to partner with more companies to provide lawn care services, snow removal, in hospital chair massages and meal services. 

4. Possible Bags - This initiative is the most immediate impactful initiative. Possible Bags are embraced from Native American culture of a bag with travel supplies.  Currently they include refillable cups(2), unscented lotion, chap stick, support materials, and a small crocheted octopus for their NICU baby.  The Octopus have been provided by our national partner, Crafting Change Organization. We would like to expand these bags to include food and gas gift certificates to help eliminate some of the costs of long ICU stays as well as provide an outlet for parents to get out of the hospital. 

With your help we will be able to continue to provide these services to families in our community when in-kind donations are not provided.  We will also be able to expand our services and the number of staff & volunteers to facilitate all of these initiatives. 

Interesting Info
  • We have provided treats and/or meals for almost every holiday for the last year to 4 of our local ICUs
  • Our national partner, Crafting Change Organization, has provided over 300 Octopuses in 2023.
  • Our board started with 3 local moms that had between 60 and 565 days in the NICU/PICU with their own children.