Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Mr. Hague E Howey
Primary Contact Name
Hague Howey
Main Address

Aviation stemAHA
15206 Dorcas Circle (Business Address)
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

EAA80 / ABLE ACE (Oak View Mall)
144th and Center
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

Aviation STEM Day
15206 Dorcas Circle
Omaha, NE 68144
United States

Aviation stemAHA -- Millard Airport (KMLE)
12916 Millard Airport Plaza
Omaha, NE 68137
United States

What We Do

The annual Aviation STEM Day is the opportunity to bring together youth and young adults, primarily 8 -17 years old, to show them the diverse career possibilities within aviation/STEM, including professional and recreational opportunities for flight, maintenance, avionics, aero-medical, drones, airport management and more. In addition to the annual one-day event, our year-long mission is to provide hands-on activities for the personal discovery of that passion which motivates learning and the setting of goals. In the end, we hope to motivate young people to select, seek and dream possibilities that can lead to a satisfying and rewarding career.

In 2020 interest in STEM Aviation demanded that we made our event year-round with programming thus, we changed our operating name to Aviation stemAHA.  Aided in our change, was securing a 2,600' sf space from EAA80 in the Oak View Mall where we conduct both Youth and Adult classes, hobby builds and even our second youth build airplane that is now underway.   


We have developed a hands-on action model program for introducing youth to STEM Aviation and the basic principles of flight.  The core program is designed for (12) youths, ages 8 – 18, to complete the series. However, most of the program can be enjoyed by anyone with the interest and capability.  The top line cost of the plan is $2,100.  For Organizations that have the needed equipment that can be dedicated, the phase cost could be reduced.  We are asking for grant funding of two organizations:  

[Used or New Computer Equipment needs to have the following Specs: 


Windows® 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10*

Intel® Pentium® 1.0GHz or equivalent

512 MB RAM

10 GB Hard Drive Space

DVD Drive

3D Accelerated Video with:

         —    32 MB Dedicated Video Memory

         —    Full DirectX 9 compliant (Shader Model 2.0 or better)

Internet connectivity required for activation and to download additional content and updates.

Optimal System:

For best graphical performance

Dual Core 2.4GHz CPU


3D Accelerated Video with: 512 MB dedicated video memory

Multiplayer Requirements:

Broadband Internet connection

Computer microphone for voice chat

InterLink® DX Controller]


Boys & Girls Club of Omaha, 26th & Hamilton St. $2,100.

A Youth Organization yet to be selected in South Omaha $2,100.

The Plan:

To minimize the reconstruction/rewrite of plans for Youth Organizations, we are setting forth what we will call our standard plan of engaging youth in STEM Aviation.  Adjustments to be made as appropriate to fit the needs of an organization.  This plan is an immersive cycle plan designed to run 6 – 9 months and be administered by the Director of the adopting Youth Program.  Generally, the program is designed for youth 8 - 18 years old with flexibility. 

Goal:  Expose and assess the interest of a youth’s interest in Aviation, through hands on activity.

Outcome:  Expressed interest in a phase of Aviation that has appeal.  Aligning with that interest, a continuation program for exploration. Exposure to principals of flight, hands on control of an object moving in space.

Activity Plan:

Phase 1:  Controlling a multidirectional flying body in an interior constricting space like a gymnasium.


Inset Propellers are protected.  Estimated Cost with shipping per each $70

Thought would be for (3) units at a site along with a repair bottle of foam glue.  Extra batteries might be desired.  Will be gifted to the organization from stemAHA. 

Total Cost for (3) @ $70 = $210.

Phase 2:  R/C Flight Simulator:

Excellent tool for kids to develop flying skills in real simulation with very quick conversion to actually flying an R/C Airplane.  Cost with tax and shipping would be about $230 for simulator.  If the organization has both a computer with adequate capacity and a monitor, no further cost.  If not a computer and TV are required: (Used Computer from Good Will $250) + New TV ($270).  Complete stand-alone package about $750/each.  Organizations (1) per-each with a qualification that if supplying their own hardware and monitor, those units must be dedicated full time use by the simulator.  If we are supplying the package all elements are required to be dedicated use.

Phase 3:  Two-day R/C Flight Experience Camp at Omahawk Field (Two afternoons because of the sun).  Lunch would begin the program at 11:00am and conclude at 4:00pm.  Transportation would be provided by the organization.  Class size 12 with volunteer trainers provided by the Omahawks using club trainer planes.  Campers would be prequalified as to competence on simulators before coming to the field.  Lunch, drinks, and snacks provided for ALL both days.  (Estimated Cost $900).

Phase 4:  EAA’s Chapter 80, Young Eagles program, provides the experience, not Aviation stemAHA.  Organization or parents provides the transportation to and from the Millard Airport on a scheduled Young Eagles flight day, to be planned by the group.  Aviation stemAHA will provide lunch and snacks for all parties, (parents, pilots, participants) attending that days flying experience (Estimated Cost $375).

Total Fixed & Cycle Cost at the extreme $2,100/per organization group of 12 youth.


Funding Need for Youth Build Airplane:

Our second Youth Build, (High School Students) RV-12 Airplane, has stalled after completing the assembly of (3) of the (4) structural kits. We are now seeking $21,700 to fund the final structural kit.  We have a (5) member build team. (2) from Omaha North; (2) from Omaha South; (1) recent Burke graduate.

Interesting Info
  • Our area HS Student Built Plane at September 1, 2023 had 1,000+ hours logged with 7 youth earning at least a Privet Pilot certificate and/or Instrument rating.
  • Numerous Presentations, Craft Built: Rockets, Gliders, R/C Planes Built in our Aviation Building Lab and Aviation Center for Education, in the Oak View Mall.
  • Our Second Youth Built Airplane, RV-12, is under construction in the Oak View Mall.
Geographic Location
Volunteer Opportunities

Grant Writer opportunity Now Filled
Repeats daily for 274 times

Scholarship Advisor/Mentor
Repeats daily for 365 times
Duration of 23 hours 59 minutes

A & P Aviation Mechanic
Repeats daily for 274 times

Aviation STEM Day __Millard Airport
Repeats daily at 7:00am for 2 times
Duration of 11 hours


Aviation STEM Day
Duration of 4 hours
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