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TeamMates Mentor
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Serve as a mentor and meet with a student once a week, at school, over lunch. Mentors and mentees usually play board games, shoot hoops, do a craft, or just talk. The Foundation started the TeamMates Mentoring of Bennington chapter in the fall of 2014, because the administrators and counselors in our district saw a growing need for this type of program. To date, the Bennington chapter has approximately 87 mentor/mentee matches. A TeamMates mentor is someone who provides a young person with support, friendship and a positive example, inspiring them to reach their full potential. The Bennington chapter won National Chapter of the Year in 2023.

Size of Group
1 individual
Type of Opportunity
Monday, January 8th, 2024 - Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
Repeats daily for 365 times
Duration of 22 hours 59 minutes
Location Details
Offsite Location
Indoor Project
Outdoor Project

Bennington, NE
United States

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