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Local Leader/Exec. Director
Leah Whitney Chavez
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Leah Whitney Chavez
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7914 W Dodge Rd #475
Omaha, NE 68114
United States

What We Do

World Speaks addresses socioeconomic gaps and injustices through cultural education, inclusion initiatives, and advocacy services. World Speaks envisions a world where the voiceless are heard, the marginalized are included, and the vulnerable are safe. World Speaks is helping to create a thriving, safe, and culturally conscious community through: ● Cultural Education: Providing personalized language and cultural group classes with one-on-one mentorship opportunities. ● Inclusion Initiatives and Consulting: Forming partnerships with public, private and philanthropic organizations to provide accessible educational materials, translation and interpretation services and other community resources. ● Advocacy and Community Relations: Attending local community events to inform audiences about the importance of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Interesting Info
  • Over our 7 years of inception we've reached more than 10,000 people!
  • We've taught over 6 languages and currently offer services in 17.
  • One day we would like to house as many languages are possible 20 + !
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