Womenade of Elkhorn

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Nikki Kirshenbaum, President
Main Address

P. O. Box 367
Elkhorn, NE 68022
United States

What We Do
Womenade of Elkhorn is a group of Elkhorn parents addressing the general and immediate needs of other less fortunate families within Elkhorn. Our first priority are families with children in the Elkhorn School District. Womenade of Elkhorn strives to: Promote a closer relationship between the Elkhorn Public Schools district and the Elkhorn community. Encourage the community to help families in need in their school district. Womenade of Elkhorn projects include: annual Backpack Project, annual Celebration of Giving Project, annual Busy Bee Reading Club book giveaway, and Immediate/Emergency Needs requests.
Interesting Info
  • We distribute over 200 backpacks filled with grade specific supplies to Elkhorn students in need through our Backpack Project.
  • We collect and distribute holiday gifts to over 300 Elkhorn families during our annual Celebration of Giving event.
  • We collect and distribute books to Elkhorn students in need in grades K-5 to encourage summer reading through our Busy Bee Reading Club.
Photos and Videos