Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Jeff DeWispelare, President & CEO
Primary Contact Name
Kelsey Ridder
Main Address

4343 N 52nd Street
Omaha, NE 68104
United States

What We Do

Together, we can transform lives and strengthen communities! Our mission is to support and strengthen youth, young adults and families through services that inspire and equip them to lead independent, productive lives.

Your support helps empower youth, young adults and families with the skills and confidence needed to transition from a state of crisis to one of safety and growth. OHB takes a well-rounded, comprehensive approach to help clients thrive in all areas of their lives by addressing a number of needs including: education, employment, housing, health and wellness, life skills, transportation, and mental and behavioral health.

Thanks to the generosity of many, we are able to carry out our mission through five core programs:  Residential Living, Transitional Living, Independent Living, Supportive Community Living, and Clinical Services. OHB offers a true continuum of care, helping youth and families address their immediate needs, plan for the future, and ultimately become productive, independent members of the community.

Interesting Info
  • Not everyone shares a birthday with the hair dryer, traffic lights and Band-Aids but we do! OHB celebrated 100 years of service in 2020.
  • Just like a loving, supportive family, OHB's ultimate goal is to equip clients with the skills and confidence needed to succeed.
  • We also have a high school that helps students achieve their academic goals and work towards grade level expectations and graduation.

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