Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
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Jea Theis
Main Address

NExT Foundation
1111 N 13th Street, Suite 114
Omaha, NE 68102
United States

What We Do

NExT Foundation provides empowering and vibrant approaches to support positive mental health for Nebraska and surrounding areas. We understand that there is a mental health crisis occurring nationwide and in our community. There simply are not enough providers, and often the cost of therapy is too high for the uninsured.  We provide a variety of therapeutic options such as individual and group therapy for children, teens, and adults at free or very low-cost rates in order to bridge the mental health gap and reach those who often fall through the cracks. The NExT Team of clinical therapists and facilitators engage the innate creativity in all humans, recognizing this as a vehicle for connection, growth, and healing, fostering the basic need to explore and incorporate the creative as a pivotal voice.  We strive to advance the body of trauma-informed, evidence-based research to support the efficacy of Expressive Arts* interventions for groups, individuals, and the community at large, recognizing diversity as sacred and critical to the whole.  Programs for the upcoming year will include group and individual interventions for at-risk and marginalized population as well as support for the helpers in our community.

  *Expressive Arts Therapy incorporates a diversity of expressive arts processes to support “voice” outside the confines of words alone, as talk therapy can incidentally oppress, limit, and exclude the minority culture.  Expressive Arts lends voice in a way that universalizes experience and invites imagery & movement, prose, poetry, performance, nature-based, and mindfulness processes as a means to support the emergence and strengthening of both the individual and collective voice. 

Interesting Info
  • We have developed an original Expressive Arts Group for children and teens that is showing lasting and positive impacts for those who participate!
  • We have trained over seventy-five providers such as social workers, therapists, and school counselors to spread the healing potential of Expressive Arts in NE!
  • Our founders have over 40 years of combined experience in the mental health field and have been working on the front lines of mental health in NE.
Volunteer Opportunities

Community Engagement Liason
Repeats monthly on the 1st for 60 times

Teen Expressive Arts Group Process
Expressive Arts Retreat Process
Trauma Informed Expressive Arts Group
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