National T.T.T. Society

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Jennifer Schell, Chapter A President
Primary Contact Name
Ann Thariani
Main Address

512 South 58th Street
Omaha, NE 68106
United States

What We Do

A week at camp can be truly transformative for a girl: it's a chance to learn new skills, make new friends and experience the beauty of nature.  Girls leave camp empowered with new self-confidence, a curiosity about the world and a sense that they can take on challenges and succeed.  

We help make that happen by sending Omaha girls to camp for a week at no cost to their families.  We provide everything they need, take them to camp and home again, and we pay all camp fees.  We work with guidance counselors at two schools to help us find girls who would not otherwise have a chance to go.  The change that happens during that week is truly a little miracle and we believe all girls ought to have that opportunity.

Interesting Info
  • In 2023 Omaha Chapter A sent 5 girls to camp!
  • We have hired and sent a Sign Language Interpreter to camp, so a hearing-impaired girl could go.
  • Our organization was started in 1911 by six young women in Mount Pleasant, Iowa.
Geographic Location

Wine-Tasting Fundraiser
Duration of 2 hours
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