Memories for Kids

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Jennifer Peterson
Primary Contact Name
Jennifer Peterson
Main Address

Memories for Kids
P.O. Box 540216
Omaha, NE 68154-0216
United States

What We Do

Memories for Kids creates lifelong memories for children who have a parent with stage IV cancer. Families who receive a memory experience are able to take a break from the daily rigors of cancer and spend time having fun and enjoying each other. The unfortunate reality is that for a child with a terminally ill parent, the final months of hospitalizations and decline are filled with disappointments and sad memories. MFK helps kids be kids and briefly relieves the sadness of living with a terminally ill parent. Many organizations help children diagnosed with a terminal illness, but a void exists in helping children who are facing the loss of a parent. Memories for Kids was founded to help fill this void by creating a special memory the children would cherish and remember forever. Memories for Kids has presented unforgettable gifts to numerous children in Nebraska and Western Iowa and your support will help us continue this mission.

Interesting Info
  • Memories for Kids created its first memory in 2012. Since then, we have created memories for more than 125 families in Nebraska and Iowa.
  • MFK's Youth Advisory Board published a book/journal - To Purchase Memories for my kids book/journal visit -
  • We've enabled families to visit other cities, go deep sea fishing, hike in the mountains, have fun at resorts - we make it all possible with your help.
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