Hope Dwells

Year Founded
Local Leader/Exec. Director
Chase Vanderveen
Primary Contact Name
Chase Vanderveen
Main Address

7804 Keystone Drive
Omaha, NE 68134
United States

What We Do

Hope Dwells is a nonprofit that seeks to love God by connecting with refugees in Benson and surrounding neighborhoods, and partnering with them as they work toward becoming independent homeowners. In essence, this looks like refurnishing refugee homes once they move out of infested, substandard apartments, educating refugee families on cleaning, winter/snow upkeep, home maintenance and financial planning, and sponsoring and upkeeping a neighborhood community garden with the goal of bringing a diverse community together. We are passionate about developing refugees' skills to help them succeed as independent homeowners in our city as a way to set their families up for success for generations to come!

Interesting Info
  • 2023 We are partnering with Yellow Door, LLC to provide education & translations to guide refugee families through the home buying process.
  • 2022 We built on relationships with refugee families and partnered with them as they work to become home owners.
  • 2021 We provided appliances for new home owners, connected families with our community garden, and taught families about home ownership utilizing translators.
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