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Holland Children's Institute

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Year Founded:
Local Leader / Exec. Director:
Hadley Richters, CEO
Main Address:
1111 N 13th St
Suite 414
Omaha, NE 68102

What We Do

Holland Children's Institute serves as a trusted destination for research and analysis related to income disparities and equitable access to opportunities essential to prosperity for Nebraska children and families.

The Institute designs, drafts, and commissions comprehensive public opinion polls each year, scientifically documenting Nebraskans' insights on public policy, state budgets, and administrative actions which most affect children and families. The results of this polling informs state voters, legislators, media outlets, and community partner organizations engaging in policy work. Annually, Institute surveys reach 1200-2700 Nebraskans! To view our research, visit: https://hollandinstitute.org/fact-tank/

Holland Children's Institute conducts deep dives into data. From state budgets to research briefs on policies which yield the strongest support to Nebraska's children and families, the Institute cuts through the noise to highlight best practices and Nebraska-specific implementation. We don't have to guess what policy tools Nebraskans want to help their families, we ask them!

Holland Children's Institute believes in the power of personal stories. Numbers are important, stories tell the us of a single mother struggling to make ends meet because of the delay in Medicaid expansion; or a young woman working her way up at a local business being forced to resign to care for an ailing parent because most Nebraska businesses don't offer paid family/medical leave. Our story bank doesn't just report a problem, it shows us first-hand, the human impact. We connect these stories to policy so lawmakers can further understand how bills change life, for better or worse. Read Nebraska stories, here: https://hollandinstitute.org/story/

Interesting Info

Annually, the Institute's public opinion polling reaches between 1200-2700 Nebraskans, making clear their important public policy priorities.
Majorities of surveyed Nebraskans believe state government/lawmakers aren't doing enough to facilitate policies that create access to opportunity for children.
We need YOU to help us continue to build a case with research and public opinion that shows we must do more to deliver on the promise of the 'good life.'

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